October 4th, 2012


Today is Amira cleaning day. She comes every two weeks. Only this morning I got an email that she has a stomach flu so won't be coming today. I'm cool with that. The house isn't filthy and I'll save $80. Nice. I wonder if I can cut her back to once a month? hmmmm

I honestly did not realize that Travis was such a shedder. I had a lot of cat hair. Betty's long hair makes little bundles like cat hair dust bunnies. But, Travis, it turns out, was the worst cat hair offender. Amira was here two weeks ago and cleaned off this ottoman. By now it would have a layer of hair on it. Betty lies on it all the time now and there is virtually no cat hair on it at all. Wow.

I do miss him. It seems so sad at night now when I don't have to put a lid on the yarn basket. Betty could care less about yarn balls, bears or any of it.

I'm still musing my fireplace situation. I think I may go over to Home Depot and look at what they have. I'd love to get something electric in there that looked nice and clean and put out a little heat. I can't figure out how to plug it in, though (I have visions of the cord coming out and snaking around the side - not classy). And I haven't found anything so far that will fit.

My swim class is at noon today and I'm quite excited about getting back into the pool.

I feel good. My pre-cold is gone - no cough, no breathing problems... YEAH!! Dodged that one.

My list

  • I need cinnamon rolls from Trader Joe's.
  • Lavender litter from Mud Bay
  • Stuffing from JoAnn's
  • I need to pick up my holds from the library
And I want to see the movie Butter - first showing at 2:30 in the U.District.

I have nothing on the agenda for tomorrow and only swim class at 8:30 on Saturday morning.