October 1st, 2012

So far so good

I keep waiting for this cold to hit and so far it hasn't. I'm still feeling what I would call pre-cold - this will be day 3. Usually pre-cold is 1 day or less. So... maybe... it's going to give up the ghost before it matures. I sure hope so.

I have nothing that has to be done today. Except cleaning up yesterday's mess. The kitchen needs attention and the living room could use a tidy. And it's the first of the month which is bear delivery day. BUT if none of that happens, no big deal. I appreciate the freedom so much.

Both my local NPR stations are in pledge drives. So today I am KQED. One of my stations will be back to regular on Friday. I love having the choices. I'm still so grateful to howeird for turning me onto SqueezeBox radio. It's just perfect for me.

My next purchase probably won't happen unless I go back to work and even then it might be too expensive. I want to make my wood burning fireplace into an electric heater. I want one of those fancy, pretty ones like this:


Probably it is a bad idea and not economically practical but I figure this is the time of year to investigate anyway.

But now I think I'm going to tackle some of those chores I mentioned... and bag up the bears.

Stuff that does not need to be this difficult...

I have an app on my phone that I can use to look up what's playing at my favorite theater. I have another app that lets me make a list of movies that I want to see. Now I need an app that takes the movies I want to see and tell me when they will be at my favorite theaters.

Those dots should not be that hard to connect.

I have 10K in a 401K from the company that laid me off. It's at MassMutual. I have an IRA at Ameriprise and I want to roll over the 10K from MassMutual to Ameriprise. It should be a nobrainer and cost me under $50.

However, it turns out to be a giant brainer, apparently.
  • My Ameriprise guy tried to suck the money out from his end. Rejected.
  • Zero info on the MassMutual site about how to do it.
  • Email to MassMutual said for me to contact Arlene at my old company. I know she won't know.
  • I finally get a hold of Chris, the local MassMutual guy who set up the 401K. He says Arlene knows.
  • I send email to Arlene. She sends my email to Chris telling him to fix it.
  • He sends me to 'the admin company'. He does not know who but does deal with Sharon. I call Sharon. She doesn't work on Mondays but her voice mail says hang up and call back for Kathy.
  • Kathy not there but her voicemail says I should call Sharon.
  • I did a reverse look up on the phone number and found their website and left an email.

Holy fuck.


And my gmail spam filter thinks I want to learn more languages. Spam trying to get me to learn new languages keeps getting through - not once or twice but 3 times a day for about two weeks now. I keep marking it as spam and it keeps coming. I'm ready for penile implants and Nigeran princes.


I'm actually feeling less pre-cold today but I took more prednizone this morning so it could be a false positive. If I feel the same tomorrow, I'll try it without prednizone. Fingers crossed.


Laundry done, two loads. Sheets changed and washed. Kitchen clean. Living room tidy-ish. A good day so far!

One dot connected and an escapee!

Kathi did call me back - one of the final dots in my previous entry - and wow. She was as sharp as a tack!! She emailed me the form. I filled it out and pdf'd it and sent it back to her. She said she'd get my former employer to fill out their bit and send it on to MassMutual. Whew and yeah!!


To get a little breeze in here some days, I open up the door to the hallway which is a shotgun hallway right to the sliding glass door at the other end of the condo. The cats would wander out into the hallway sometimes. I knew they wouldn't go anywhere because they can't reach the elevator button and have no where to go anyway. They both had tags with my unit and telephone number and they both have implanted chips. So oool. Except an asshole down the hall complained to the board.

So I got a 3 foot high shogi screen. When I open the door, I put up the screen and no more cats in the hallway. Travis would sometimes lay by the screen around 5-6ish when the coming home from traffic work was high. But neither of them every tried to even leap over it.

Today I went down to get the mail and when I came back, Renay from across the hall was in my hallway with Betty who was roaming around happily. She did not have her collar on so Renay didn't know for sure she was mine. Her plan, apparently was to hang out with Betty until I got back. So sweet.

But, Betty????? Sneaking out of the gate?? That has been there now for 2 years? You are one crafty devil.

She's now here asleep at my feet, innocence personified just waiting til 5 pm dinner time.