September 24th, 2012


Happy Monday

I finally have my credit card situation back under control. I have the new back up Visa. I've used it twice, got the online account set up and set up a payment from my checking account. I think I'm going to carry it in my purse but not in my wallet. And I don't plan to use it unless where ever I am does not take Discover.

For some reason I cannot figure out, Mint does not like the new card. But, actually, that's ok. I was looking for the camel back breaking last straw to divorce Mint anyway. My new financial tracking boyfriend is and he was happy to welcome the new Visa into my financial family.


I applied for a job to keep the county water treatment website content current. I was actually kind of impressed by the application process that the county uses. It gives me an even greater appreciation for my part of the country. Things here just seem and work better - at least for me.


Today is my last chance for swimming for three whole weeks. I plan to be there when the pool opens at 11.

Tomorrow is my second (and I hope final) cataract surgery. For 3 days before (and at least a week after) you have to put drops in your eyes. I remember from the first time that it was a PIA to remember and that hasn't changed. Before the surgery there are two different drops and they have to be dropped 5 minutes apart. I remember to do them and do the first one and then forget the second. Every time. At least this time I remembered to number them. I know last time I dropped one twice at least once. ARUGH. It should not be difficult but it sure is. After surgery, there are three different drops.

Nothing to eat or drink after midnight tonight. At least my surgery is early. I have to be there at 7:30. I think this time I'm taking the bus. So I have to be out of this house by 6:25. My neighbor Ann will pick me up and last time she drove me through McDonald's for coffee and a sausage biscuit. Se should be doing that again before 10.

I'll be glad to have this behind me and glad to get the bills for it paid and behind me as well. Then, I plan to stay healthy for the next 18 months until I can qualify for Medicare and become one of Romney's people Living Off The Dole.


Really other than the swimming, I got nothing else going on today. My house is clean. My laundry is done. I am really enjoying having the time to keep things in order. I am really enjoying having all the spare time in general!

Mayhem in the 'hood

The Seahawks are playing the Packers at 5 pm today and the neighborhood has been mayhem since noon.

I got the sweetest thing in the mail. The vet I took Travis to is West Seattle Animal Hospital. Betty's been there to get her hair cut and once wen she was sick but Travis had never been to any vet until last Wednesday. It's not like this vet had a long track record with me or with Travis. They were so sweet and understanding. But today I got a card in the mail from them. I opened it expecting a pre-printed 'sorry your cat died' message and instead found a hand written special for Travis message and signatures of everyone in the place.

What a wonderful special thing for them to do.

For Travis

Neighbor Ann just dropped by to get the instructions I typed out for her so she will know where to come get me tomorrow.

She told me that the people behind are the people who park right behind me (and thank me all the time for having such a short car which make it so much easier for them to get in and out - he's the first on this list - and I've watched that kid grow from a sprout in his mother's belly... and never knew they were postcardly)!! I had no idea. I've never had occasion to use them but now I think I'll send the vet a card with a picture of Betty and Travis! Done!!

All is set and ready. No baseball tonight but some of the new TV season starts tonight and TiVo still has way too much on it so there is plenty of junk TV to knit by.

Bake Ziti, caesar salad and garlic bread for dinner.