September 19th, 2012


testing testing

I'm tying out the new LJ posting interface. It's got a nice, updated look and feel and yet appears to let me still do it my way. Nice, LJ, thanks!!

The Mariner game went on a little long last night. I turned it off at 10 cause they were ahead by 2 and I didn't care and I wanted to listen to my book. At 11 when I would normally turn it off and turn on the news to go to sleep by, I checked the score and it was 2-2 in the 12th inning. So I turned it back on and hung in until the Mariners finally gave up in the 18th - I think it was closing in on 2 am.

So this morning I slept in a little - much to Betty's dismay. Such a luxury.

I really don't have anything on the hit parade today. I think I'll hit the pool at 11 and then maybe get gas in the car. Big day!

It is still hot and dusty out. The air is ugly and I'm afraid to spend too much time in it. I do keep the door open at home with the fan going but in the car, I keep the windows rolled up. I am very grateful that I don't have to do anything outside. I need rain. Please. And cool. Thanks.

Deja vuvu?

The Mariners and Orioles are in the 9th inning. The score is 1-1. I don't know about either team but I know I sure can't do another never ending game. Plus, both bullpens are spent. They might need me to come on down and pitch an inning or two. I'm just too beat. Sorry, guys.

vixter is in town and she is going to my Saturday swim class with me! We've been LJ buds since forever but never met. I'm looking forward to it so much.

The first gas station I pulled into today had gas pumps that confused me so I left but not before noticing 3 cars of people dressed in olive drab with combat boots putting on ammo vests. Their patches said State Police. Looked like somebody was set to get their mellow pretty harshed.

I finally did find some gas. Whew. Gas stations in the inner city are not prolific and the few that are around are weird. There is a great little station near the Saturday pool but I didn't want to take a chance this time.

Tomorrow I should hear what time my surgery is on Tuesday. I'd rather have it first thing but, honestly, it doesn't matter. Ann wants to take me and she's not an early riser. So I can go either way. I'm just ready to get it over with.

It is a bit cooler tonight. I'm very grateful. There is no chance of rain in the 10 day forecast so the air will still suck but at least it won't be hot and sucky. And, maybe it will be cool enough to get under the cover tonight.

I went through the list of Fall Shows and made myself season passes for anything that looked even moderately interesting. I watched the first half of Mob Doctor last night and killed the season pass.