September 12th, 2012

Oh Canada...

Yesterday turned out to be just a good day all around. I got to swim class and found zimzat! He had said he might try the Tuesday/Thursday classes but I didn't realize he was really serious. It was great fun to have him in the class especially since NONE of my other peops made it. In fact, there was nearly nobody at the pool. It was kind of weird. There are 3 lanes open during class and normally they are full. Yesterday they were totally empty.

The Mariners are playing in Toronto which means the game is on at 4 and they won and then there was time for evening TV.

This morning I am up and showered and dressed and ready. All the computers now have their monthly required updates. The kitchen is clean and the dishwasher is running. I'm ready.

The bus has wifi and the hotel does, too. Yeah for modern times. I'm taking the Nexus 7 and it will be interesting to see how it fares as THE computer.

I initially thought this was a girls trip of 6 or 7 but it turns out to be my friends Linda and Sissy and their husbands and a couple of 'Tom's'. No clue about that last part. They are all going to be in Vancouver til the weekend and then they go to Whistler for a week.

Linda was my bff until 7th grade. I have not seen her since. Sissy was in my high school class. I haven't seen her since we graduated in 1967. I know very little about either of them and nothing about their husbands or the the toms. This should be interesting.

Back tomorrow night. It's supposed to get hot here again today and tomorrow. Fortunately, it appears the Canadians have more sense and are keeping it cool. Whew.


The bus trip was actually pretty good. Stopping at the border wasn't too bad they had everybody get off the bus and then go through customs and then get back on the bus. But the bus wasn't too crowded so even that didn't take very long. Plenty of legroom nice electricity and the wifi I work until we got to Canada.

My plan was to get off the bus and get on the link train - that monorail train that goes from the station to downtown and then take the bus to the hotel. The first hitch was that the ticket machine wouldn't take my credit card for my debit card and I had no Canadian money. So I stowed away for three stops and hope like hell nobody caught me.

bambinos to rock until I found an ATM or bank to get some legitimate cash. I finally found the bank and I went in and begged the nice tell her to help out a poor, stupid american tourist. She was very kind and now I have cash. The time I was about two blocks in the hotel so I just walked on over and here I am.

the hotel is very nice this room is fabulous. There is a huge lovely television and desk with connections for anything and everything. There's a lovely little kitchen, soft white robes in the closet. There is a fancy radio with iPhone and AUX hook ups. They have very fast and easy to access wifi. And they have a pool and I did not even think to look that up before I left and I did not bring my suit. Poop.

My friends have not checked in yet when I got here and I left a message for them to call me I haven't heard anything so I'm just cooling my heels. I created most of this entry by dictating it into the voice app. It's pretty accurate and easy but making any corrections it's exceedingly painful. This tablet but it's no laptop substitute.