September 8th, 2012


I slept in two beds last night. Neither are made yet. I did a little grocery shopping. Only the stuff that needs refrigeration is put away. I made a chef salad (which was amazingly delicious) and the dirty salad bowl is at my feet in the living room (having been licked clean by Betty.

Oh and my wet swimsuit and towel are on the the counter in the kitchen in a wad.

It is noon:15.

On the bright side, I am oh so grateful that I have the very luxury to let all of the above go as long as I want to. And, although it is another very hot day here, it is nice and cool inside here where I plan to stay, thank you very much.

Sleeping outside last night worked perfectly. That air bed is quite comfortable. I love the symphony of the city. The chorus of the drunks out on the street after the baseball game. The squeal of the trains on the rails. Honks and bangs and bumps. It was loud and I thought it might keep me awake but turned out to be lovely to listen to and I drifted off without a problem.

About 2 am I woke up and it was cool enough to finish the night in my regular bed which I did - mainly to avoid the early morning sun and make sure I heard the alarm. I am absolutely going to do it again tonight. I'm quite looking forward to it.

My Nexus7 did not get turned off all the way, apparently and it was a dead duck this morning. And my phone - even though it was plugged into a charger - completely drained the battery. I think the charger was faulty maybe. Anyway it was totally cold and dead this morning as well. So I will make sure and not make those mistakes tonight.

Swimming was great. After I stopped at Safeway. I'm totally sucked into the U Deal stuff. They have my number and they are playing my song. I have learned, however, not to wait until I'm at the store to check. Their android app is F-L-A-K-E-Y. But their deals are great. Since they know what I buy, most of the U Deal offers are right in my sweetspot. Today I saved $4 on Iams cat food. And $1.25 on grapes. I had a short list and they had a special deal for more than half the items. No coupons, no card to carry. Nice. You got me right where you want me, Safeway and I'm delighted. Thanks!!

Ok enough phuking around. I need to get stuff cleaned up, put away and put in order and then I can put my feet up and chill with a clear conscience.

Tonight I have a ticket to hear Ira Glass. It's a little theater in the symphony hall that is attached to the bus tunnel. I can walk 2 blocks and get on a bus, get off in 3 stops and take the elevator to the hall's lobby. Getting there is usually not a problem - I can easily walk all the way from here but I love the convenience and safety for the getting home part.

Epistolary Novels

Eons ago - I think I was a teenager - I read a novel titled 84 Charing Cross Road. It was wonderful. To this day, I can remember passages and scenes in it while I cannot remember even the name of the great book I finished last week. The story is told through a series of letters from a woman in America to a bookseller in London. I loved the story and the format.

I love the format. It's so compelling and there is just something so delicious about reading someone else's mail.

The book I'm reading now - Where'd you go, Bernadette is about a MacArther Genius grant winner who married a Microsoftie and transplanted from LA to Seattle and hates it and drives a skewer through every single bit and piece of it - hilariously.

But, while the story, itself is great, it's told mostly through the letters, emails, notes and faxes of the characters which makes this good book great.

I was telling Chef Anita about it and when I explained the format she immediately said "ah, epistolary!"

I had never in my life heard that word but I was thrilled to have it. Hello, Google...

This list is great. I had only read a couple. I went through the Google Play bookshop and downloaded the previews of a bunch of them. Now I don't feel quite as tragic about getting to the end of Bernadette.