September 7th, 2012

Museum day

The first Friday of the month brings Free Admission to a museum and show I want to see so today I'm off to see it! It's across the lake and, honestly, the bus is an easier and - since I have a free bus ticket - cheaper way to get there than the car so bus it will be. There is a quite handy bus that I can pick up a few blocks from here and it leaves every 15-20 minutes. So handy! My morning internet surfing revealed that there is an update for my phone so it's updating now and then it's Road Trip!! I do believe I put the air conditioner away a week or so too early. Last night it did not cool down fast enough in here for a comfortable sleep. But, since losing a good night's sleep every once in a while is no longer a big deal, I deal. I'm certainly not hauling it out again. I did move the living room fan into the bedroom and with the overhead fan, I managed. If tonight is still hot - which it is promising to be - I might just blow up the air bed and move it out to the terrace. I have to get up early tomorrow anyway for swim class so early morning sun won't be a problem. Urban camping!!! Phone is done so I'm on my way.

too freakin' hot

At least in the shade there is a bit of a breeze but IF no shade THEN fuck, it's hot. Free day at the museum or no, it was stupid of me to think it was going to be anything more than an Africa hot slog.

And the quilts in the quilt show were old. I like bright, shiny, new beautiful quilts. I'll get my good quilt fix on Monday when I go to the fair.

It just amazes me how different Bellevue is from Seattle in oh so many ways - none of them particularly good. They are what, 15 miles apart? Feels more like 1,500.

But now I'm home, in front of the fan - grabbed some sushi from the good sushi place on my way home and it was excellent even though the avocado could have been a bit older.

I think I'm absolutely going to set up that air mattress in the living room (in front of the terrace door) or on the terrace tonight. I should have believed the weather forecast. Monday turns out to be the best chance of truly ending Summer. Yahooo!!!

Now I think I'll watch some podcasts I have on TiVo.

We're going to sleep on that?????


One year my brother and sister-in-law came to visit in August. The only other bed I have besides mine which is a single bed in the fish room - the farthest away from the only source of outdoor air and the farthest away from the air conditioner. NFW was I going to sleep there.

So I bought an airbed. I bought this particular one because it came with a motor and was advertised as easy rollup for storage. Getting it inflated was shockingly easy and fast. Getting it deflated was also fast. The rollup was a bit tedious. But it all worked and saved the day and I have never taken it out since.

Until today. It was taking forever to inflate until I finally RTFM and hooked up the motor correctly. Then it was quick. It fits nicely on the terrace and is going to work fine even if Travis is skeptical.

I need to find some place to keep it that is easy to get to. It's a far better option than hauling out the air conditioner.