September 6th, 2012


On Tuesday at 7:30 pm, OnTrac updated their website and it said that at 3:28pm that day they had delivered my package. Since their offices close at 6, I could not call and point out that the package was not here. Instead, I went to Amazon and raised hell yet again.

The package mysteriously appeared at my door yesterday at 12:30 pm.

Today I discovered that both Scott the building manager and his son, Tom, were there when the OnTrac driver dumped the package outside of the secured closet where the driver is supposed to leave it... at 12:30 pm on Wednesday - 18 hours AFTER their website said they delivered it.

At least this time I have complete documentation and witnesses.

Today I am trying to get one final and good copy of each of my websites so that when I do the consolidation and stuff breaks I'll have multiple sources to go find what's missing. None of it is critical and I'm not even sure why I don't just blow up all of them... but as Madeline at swimming says... 'You're retired. What difference does it make??!!'

Swimming was good again today - even more people came back than Tuesday. I'm going to miss them all again when I have to be out for 3 weeks after cataract surgery.

I just heard my brother (via webcam) discipline his dog with the same argument our mother used to use - nearly word for word... I'll bet the dog took it to heart exactly like we did.

"Just because the neighbors think it's ok, doesn't mean it is. If they jumped off a cliff, would you jump, too??"

Seriously, when I was little all I could think of why in the world would anyone want to jump off a cliff and so why in the world would I want to???? I'm guessing the dog thought the same thing.

Chef Anita left me a surprise in the fridge yesterday - a whole jar of her marvelously delicious thick blue cheese dressing. So I had a wonderful chef salad for lunch. She also added some roasted radishes to the freezer and left me some cleaned and trimmed ones in the fridge to nosh on. Having her come cook once a month is really an extravagance that I question now that I'm watching pennies and then she comes along and does stuff like this and the question becomes, how can I let her go??