September 5th, 2012

Sharing a sandwich

Yesterday when Anita was here she looked out the terrace door and remarked on how close the workers seem now - "you could share a sandwich!!" Cracked me up. But, alas, today they are starting on the next floor up and our sandwich days are coming to a close.

My cat/human ecosystem is askew. Travis has a cold or something. He's sneezey and mopey and not getting into the bed with me until nearly morning. So Betty's got a clear shot at the bed and she's taking it.

It seems like all my friends who have 2 children have 1 who kicks and wiggles and is a terror to sleep with and the other who is a snuggly log. Travis is a snuggly log. Betty pokes and bats my face and crawls all over me and then settles in for a good minute and a half and repeats the whole routine. I think I finally really got to sleep last night about 3 a.m. When I woke up Betty was gone and Travis was snuggled up next to me.

I hope he feels better soon. I did not realize the ecosystem balance was so delicate.

Amazon fucked up another delivery. They use a west coast outfit called OnTrac for a fair number of their deliveries. When OnTrac delivers a package on time and correctly, it's a total accident. I've bitched an moaned an whined and yelled. They are doing fewer and fewer deliveries with UPS and FedEx doing more but still, they are the shortest straw you can draw in the Amazon delivery game.

As usual, I complain to Amazon and they send a perfectly lovely, not at all canned, reply and make it right. They are replacing the order immediately with overnight delivery which means I'll get it tomorrow instead of yesterday which isn't horrible but is exactly when I would have gotten it had I not had a Prime membership. My membership is up at the end of this month. I see no need or benefit to renewing. And I can use the $80 for something fun.

Swimming was fun again today. I saw more people I hadn't seen in a month. Everybody has such big smiles - so glad to have the pool back and so glad to see each other after a very long month. It's just fun. And the pool is sooooo sparkly clean! It wasn't not clean before but now it's wow.

I made some good strides on my website consolidation project. I have interconnected files on, and I'm moving them all to the host that now houses the .org site - once they are all there, and all of the links fixed, I'll change that host to and cancel the host accounts for the other two - I'll just park 'em at the domain register and point them TBD.

The problem is that I created these websites years ago. The code is convoluted because back in the day, x, y, z were not supported so you had to code these funky work arounds. I have totally forgotten all these tricks and trying to recreate them and/or even find them to replace them with good stuff is turning out to be a bit more difficult than I imagined.

But, one host is paid through December and the other through May so I've got time. And there are no updates needed so it's not like those projects usually are - like changing tires without stopping the bus.

Before I got laid off, I ordered a case for my Nexus 7. I waited until I found exactly the case I wanted. It's a special made - I picked colors inside and and out and features individually. It finally arrived today. It was way more money than I would spend now. But I'm beyond delighted with it. It looks so cool and feels so nice in my hands and it has one of those magic 'turn on when open and turn off with closed' features like the iPad smart cover. It's just a treat. I'm so glad I got it.

Belt sushi for dinner and movie tonight. Frank and the Robot, I think is the name of it.