August 20th, 2012

Just the right level


This photo was taken just now from the chair I normally occupy. You can't see much in it but if you were sitting here, you could see the men working on the building just beyond that orange strip. They have finally gotten up to the floor that is parallel to me (I'm on the 4th from the ground level of my building) so for the next week or so I can watch them work without moving a muscle. It's kind of funky so see people walking around up here.

I do hope that when the building is done, I'll be able to see people in their condos. When we lived in NYC, one of the funnest things ever was to watch the people across the way in other apartments. I'm an unapologetic voyeur!

It's time to buy some binoculars. I just picked up a pair of compact Busnell's on sale at Amazon. I have a telescope but I want a pair I can grab quickly and take with me. I think these will do fine.

It is a lovely, cool day here.  It was supposed to be cloudy and someone fucked that up but it's still nice so far.

Today I have to go to a job seminar.  It's a condition of my unemployment insurance benefit. I'd rather not go but wtf.  It's a matter of perspective. If someone said 'well give you $15K (the total amount of my benefit) - all you have to do is fill out a form once a week on the computer and attend one 2 hour seminar... you in?' I'd be all over that sucker like white on rice.  So I'll go today and enjoy it.

Ordinarily I would bus/walk but right after it's over, I am going to hit the road for Everett.  I'm going to see seattlejo's new place and then she is coming with me to see the Everett AquaSox.  The AquaSox are the single A farm team of the Mariners.  I love minor league baseball but of all the minor league baseball, single A is the best.  These are the young young fresh clueless kids - some of them are still even playing for the joy of the game.  Usually at single A you see the very worst and the very best sometimes in the same play.  It's just fun.

Plus this is their final homestand of the year.  Oh and they have a frog for a mascot and he's adorable!

Everett is about an hour from this house. seattlejo says her other friends call her house Canada. I get that.  It feels like I'm going far away from here tonight.  Should be great fun.