August 18th, 2012


My weather app was not wrong. It is heavenly cool out there this morning and for tomorrow it says that it will be much cooler than today. Whew! And, yeah.

I am so very gratefully off to the pool in about 30 mins!

I'm so cool in the cool...

It's warm out there - warm for me but oh oh oh so much cooler today than this past week. Amazing and marvelous an invigorating.

After swim this morning I jetted likety split through McDonald's drive through (sausage biscuit and coffee) and then over to the library. My plan was to ask about helping out at the English as a Second Language Talk Time. There were lots of people there early so I went on it to find the head person.

She assured me that drop in help was in no way acceptable. She said I had to go to the website and download the PDF and apply to be accepted into the library volunteer program. "Then, if you are accepted to you can ask to volunteer for Talk Time and you will be evaluated to see if you are a match. But, we don't need any Talk Time volunteers now."

All righty then. I went to the grocery store.

I had a short list. Too long to remember which is why I put it into Catch.Com on my phone. But, then, in the store, no phone in my pockets. I figured it was in the car which was about 3 blocks away. I pulled my Nexus7 tablet out of my purse in hopes that it had done it's syncing before I left the house. Before I could even turn it on, my purse rang. Ok so phone not in car!

I got my goodies and then decided to go find that spiffy kitty litter that catmomma has me trying. I ordered some but it's on a slow boat and won't be here until a week from Monday. The good pet food shop had it in all flavors and sizes so I snagged me a bag. I got the scented and I'm thinking that might have not been too bright but we'll see.

Once home, I organized stuff, put the groceries away, fed the cats, ran the dishwasher and took down a load of recycle and garbage. I love cool air - I can get shit done when it's not hot!!

But now it's time to chill.