August 5th, 2012

slow start

I'm not feeling great this morning. I think I have fat old lady heat-itis. Fortunately, I have nowhere I have to go and nothing I have to do. I have plenty here to make a nice breakfast and the Mariners game is on in just a little bit so the current plan is to ease into the day with a nosh and a ballgame.

I have already fucked up my unemployment insurance. I think I may have done it when I fixed my auto deposit problem. Their online stuff has no forgiveness and now the only thing it will let me do is change my address. I am so not moving. It's too hot. I'll call them next week - that should be fun. I think I should not really start claiming until next week anyway because of the extra pay that will be in my paycheck which comes Friday.

If after the game, I'm feeling a little less uggy, I might go to Costco. I can walk around there in air conditioned comfort and look at stuff and stretch my legs in the cool.

That's the plan for now.

Being oh so grateful

About 3 hours ago, my electricity blinked and I thought oh fuck. But it recovered. And so far so good. I was ready to end it all if no cool. We broke heat records here today. Happily, this is what my weather program is saying:
I did go to Costco and outside of the heat, it was a lovely trip. I got what I wanted and really not much more. $61. I told the cashier that I did not know you could get out of there from under $100.

Without missing a beat she said 'oh it can be done, but security will probably rough you up some at the door. Just sayin...'

Cracked me up.


I got another email from my first BFF.  She and a woman I went to high school with (and maybe other hs girls) are going to be in Vancouver in the middle of September and she asked if I could come up and meet them one day.  And, shocking myself, I said yes.

Wild. But, good.  It will be good to get out and do  and interesting to see those people.


I've been spending an enormous time with my finances.  I'm trying to figure out what is a reasonable amount to live on.  How much will it take for me to have the kind of life I'd like to. Will I have to tighten my belt?  More than I want to?  Should I really go back to work?  Part time?  Full time?  Really how much do I need?  

The Vancouver trip is going to be perfect budget test.  Can I go without having to pinch pennies so much that it will take the fun out of it?


The rest of the afternoon has been TV and knitting - lovely.  Chicken and rice for dinner.