August 2nd, 2012

Where did today go?

It is 4 pm and I have no clue where this day went. Well, some of it, I know. Today was the last swim class at my regular pool. They are closing down for maintenance. They will be open again after Labor Day. Madeline - a regular - suggested we get together for coffee after. So we did. It was fun to sit around and visit and laugh with these people who I only see wet or naked.

They are good and interesting people - we were quite the variety - 7 of us. And all laughing up a storm. If I had been watching us, I'd have been totally baffled trying to figure out the common thread. It was fun.

Otherwise, I really did piddle the day away. Some knitting, some podcast watching, some tidying up, some online looking at jobs and classes.

No baseball tonight so there will be bear knitting and TiVo clean up. Right now there is nothing on the agenda for tomorrow. I think I'll go back to the pool and do an hour on my own - the very very last day. Sigh.

3 totally unrelated things

I'm giving serious thought to bridge - the card game. I played years ago and I enjoyed it enormously. Then I started moving around from place to place and playing via modem was new and I was there. I played that way for about 5 years and then, I just ran out of time to play. But, I did enjoy the mental challenge so much.

I wonder if I still have the chops? The internets say that the closest regular games are the LGBT games but their website says they are open to all - hope that means straight women.... But I need to study first.


Betty's hair is growing back funny. On her back, it's fine and normal looking but her tail is hardly growing back at all and her belly and sides look like she had alopecia. In this picture she is on her side and the splotchy places are really shining through. Weird.



I got an email about an hour ago from a woman in Australia. She starts out by saying that she tried to reach me by phone but the voicemail said that the number belonged to someone else. So she was sending email to confirm their (her and her husband's) room reservations for the weekend of their son's wedding.

I wrote back that I didn't think she was wanting to stay in Seattle and I wasn't renting out my place anyway and that I hoped she could find more accurate contact info for the person she needed to get a hold of.

I got a note back that said simply 'what????'

Poor lady. I should have just stuck to 'wrong email address'. I'll bet she and hubby are scratching their heads right now - halfway round the world - wondering what in the heck to do next.