July 23rd, 2012

Monday thoughts

I'm pretty sure this week will be work free. Maybe next week, too. One of my two projects is winding down and the other is getting a slow start. I need to accumulate 22 hours a week in order to have enough to cover my 401K withdrawal (which is huge since bossman didn't get it started until June). I currently have enough PTO hours in the bank to make me whole for 4 weeks. My fingers are crossed that something gets rolling in a month or my plan will take the zip line down to fail.

I keep a close (OCDish) eye on my finances in general but from now until the end of the year, I'm in micro mode. I do not want to dip into my investments any more than I have already. I crafted my budget on a spreadsheet and I'll be monitoring it closely.


This week and next week are the the last two for my pool. It will close then until the Tuesday after Labor Day. Annual maintenance. That's going to be a long 3 weeks.

BUT the news get worse. I was checking the dates last night and discovered that the pool I go to for the Saturday class will be closed for FIVE weeks at the end of September! That will really fuck up my Saturdays.

I also learned that the one big outdoor pool that is heated saltwater is not doing the saltwater this year. I was looking forward to giving that pool a try while mine was closed. They have a couple of classes a week and I think aerobics in salt water would be a kick. But the pool is too far away and the classes are at too inconvenient a time (5 pm) if it's just regular water.... I'll give it a go next Summer.


They are pouring the concrete on the 3rd floor of the new building outside my terrace. It's cool to watch but noisy. I expect they will be up to my eye level next week - then it will be over my head... It's really an amazing process to watch.

I had a friend once who was watching me knit and assemble a sweater and he remarked 'you know, I've seen you do that bunches of times, and I still can't wrap my head around how you turn that string into a sweater.'

I feel the same way about the building of a building. I get that it's like a giant erector set but I didn't really understand those either.


I am very nearly out of Diet Dr. Pepper. This is bad. Very bad. I'll fix with a stop on the way to the pool.


Sheri is bringing over the LEDs for the track lighting today and we will install. Actually she will install and I will hold the ladder. She picked out the track lighting which has the most frustrating and fiddly requirements for changing bulbs imaginable. Two teeny tiny screws hold on a totally unnecessary plate that must be removed to get to the bulb. My ceiling is 12 feet. So you are up on a ladder fighting these teeny tiny screws which are really difficult to get back in even after you find them after you drop them from the tall ladder.

This is one of the main reasons we are putting in the LED's. The LED's should last way beyond my lifetime.

She's coming over after I get back to from the pool/Dr. Pepper run.


I was reading this weekend about cats and cat food and how some cats just will not tolerate any change from the food they always eat. I think Betty is exactly the opposite. She is like computer passwords... if you've served it up recently, fugettaboutit.

I have a case of expensive stuff she won't touch. On Saturday, I bought about 16 different kinds of cat food. I'm feeding her 3 times a day. A different kind every time. So far she's liked every single one of them. I mean licked the bowl kind of like. So weird.

Travis, who is 3 times her size, could care less. He eats whatever she lets him and is happy with what he gets. But, I have noticed that if she doesn't like it, neither does he.

Funny funny cats.

But, it is gratifying to have her eat the expensive food instead of just leaving it for the ants (a few of which came back this weekend - they got killed by my magic spray).


If the weather people are to be believed, today is our last nice day. Tomorrow starts the steady climb to heat and sun. At least I can take comfort in the knowledge that it won't last past Labor Day.

My first ever BFF

I just got an email from my best friend from 1st (through 7th) grade. She moved away at the end of 7th grade and I never saw her again and here now more than 40 years later I get a 'Do you remember me? email.

I don't make or keep friends easily. I've had some good ones in my life and some best ones but not many and I tend to lose them one way or another.

And I don't 'do' facebook. And I don't use the name I grew up with. Package all that up and it does not bode well for getting found and/or contacted by long lost anybodies.

But, Linda cracked the code. What a delight.

She had a creek behind her house and we made clay bowls out of the mud from it. She used Noxema on her hands constantly and she had the softest hands I'd ever felt then or now. Her mother was beautiful. On cold days our mothers made us wear corduroy leggings under our dresses to walk to school and they were horrid. We would hide them under Linda's front porch on the way to school and pick them up from there after.

Her family moved her away at the end of 7th grade and I cried for a month. I had never been abandoned before and it was the most painful thing that had ever happened to me in all of my 13 years.

I never heard from or about her ever again until today. Amazing. I love the internet.