July 20th, 2012

A rare weather day

It is raining so steadily that I can hear it from inside and there is a little thunder mixed in.  All of this is very unusual, particularly for this time of year. And, it's cool.  So cool, that even I would need a light jacket or at least long sleeves outside.  Unusual but oh so lovely.  Plus the dust will get all washed off of everything.

There's work coming in this morning.  I don't know how much but it was nice to get a heads up that it was coming.

Two of my LJ friends are attending a mini-con in my old stomping grounds.  When I was a kid, my family built a weekend house in the mountains of North Carolina in a little town called Blowing Rock.  They had just put in a tiny ski slope for winter and in summer it was beautiful with cool, fresh, mountain air.  We spent Summers there and Winter weekends.  We roamed the mountains, learned to ski, held massive Yahtzee tournaments and had many many many treasured times.

Between Blowing Rock - and the next 'big' town, Boone - there was a tiny little tourist train - Tweetsie.  It was a fun attraction that we all loved when we were little.  My brother used to get all decked out in his cowboy finery (and probably my sister and I did, too, but I only remember his) and we'd all to to Tweetsie.  We went once a Summer for a bunch of years until finally my brother, the youngest, grew out of it.  

The joys of the internet brought old Tweetsie back.  Damn, it's expensive now - and probably was then, too.  But oh so many great memories there.

I have not been back to the North Carolina mountains for close to 40 years.  My brother and his wife went a few years ago and he said that Blowing Rock was still as charming as ever and now as a bit of a lesbian enclave.  Lesbians have good taste in sweet mountain towns.

The town newspaper then (and apparently still) was called the Blowing Rocket.  It came out every week and we read every word.  The most memorable Rocket story was the time that the town got a new fire engine.  The big story came with a Citizen's Alert box on the front page.  The alert was a plea to everyone from now on to NOT follow the first fire engine when wanting to see the fire, but to wait for the second one before you fell in line behind.

Love that place.  jwg and rsc I hope you have a wonderful time!!!