July 14th, 2012


There's an Asian festival just across the parking lot and then another few blocks.  Lots to see and hear.  I should go.  It's free.  The sun isn't even frying up the place.  There's an open house at 5 in the old immigration building where I used to see wanna-be citizens lined up around the block.  It has been turned into an 'arts and cultural enclave' and this would be the perfect opportunity to see the inside of the building.  I should go.

But, I probably won't.   Lazy.  No other reason.  I'm having a lovely lazy afternoon and I don't want to interrupt it with shoulds and I don't have to so I am pretty sure I won't.

If I live anywhere else on the planet, I'd kill to be able to live right here, in large part, because of having stuff like this all around me to take advantage of.  But, do I? Nope.  

Oh well.

This morning zimzat joined me for my aqua aerobics class.  He liked it well enough to want to go back next week.  He lives not that much farther out of the way and at that hour on Saturday morning, getting around anywhere is easy peasy.  We actually got there 30 minutes too early today so next week, we'll ratchet back a bit.

After the pool we got breakfast and then went yarn shopping.  The nice thing about zimzat is that he tends to treat stuff he wouldn't ordinarily do as an opportunity to try something new.  There's a bus stop just across the street from the pool so if he wants to skip breakfast and/or odd errands, he can always take the bus home.  It just makes for a comfortable arrangement.

Yarn shopping.... holy crap is yarn expensive.  I go through a ton of it to make the bears but, because these bears need to be able to through the washer and the dryer, I use acrylic yarns which are way down on the cheap end of the expense scale.  Today I was looking for 800-ish yards of something very nice and soft and colorful in a wool of some kind.  Skeins of 150 yards were $15-30 each.  I am making a frickin scarf, not a haute couture gown forcryingoutloud.  Plus, even at $30 a skein, I found nothing that I fell in love with.  I instantly remembered why I don't like yarn shops.

I finally did end up with something not inexpensive but not requiring a mortgage.  Its a blend but whatever.  I honestly got tired  and discouraged just looking at the offerings.

Oh and we got ant hostels.  I think the dishwasher repair guys brought me ants.  They were chowing down on the cat food last night.  The internets said to mix up a batch of rubbing alcohol, dishwasher soap an water and spray 'em which I did.  I killed a bunch.  And I moved the bowls.  When I got home this afternoon, there more - this time in the new spot and the old spot.  I drowned 'em all and then put out the little traps.  And then washed the bowls in hot water and soap.  

For the time being, I'll be picking up the bowls right after they walk away and washing them down thoroughly.

I cast on and knit the first row (the only part of the project that cannot be one blindly) and put it in a baggie in my purse. The concept is a 'go' project and now it's ready to go!

I wrote my breakfast review.  The kitchen is clean.  The house if tidy.  I got no have to's until next week.   Life is definitely good.

It's time to put my feet up and get to some bear work.  The TiVo's are full and they aren't going to clean up themselves!