July 8th, 2012


It's getting very  near hot.  A few months ago, at some check out area, they had one of those mister hand fans for cheap and I grabbed one.  I enjoyed the heck of it last night. I turned the fan on my face while I read my book then when it was time for sleep, I misted me.  I have a ceiling fan over my bed so I turned out the lights and settled in and misted me and before it dried and I got hot again, I was asleep.

$5 well spent.

This morning is cooler but not cool.  I'm just not moving.  The cats are sleeping.  

zimzat is coming to brunch with me this morning.  The place we're going doesn't open until 10.  It's 8:30 so I've got time to kill.  

After brunch we're off to Northgate to get the rest of the Ghost Armor on my phone.  He thinks he might take in a movie there at Northgate after.  I think I'll come on home.  There is a baseball game to lose, you know. 

Now I think I'll read my book til time to get up and get going.

I found my soulmate...

I was sitting here listening to the ballgame on the radio and watching it on muted TV (one of the TV announcers today makes me homi/suicidal), knitting away - cool and comfortable and a wild hair worked its way up my ass.

I have wanted to go to the fabric store down the street and get something wipe-able for my table.  All of a sudden, today seemed like the day.  Without another thought, I was out the door.  Into the blazing heat and the sun.  Off to the fabric store which is really an outlet and located in an old wooden warehouse on the second floor - no A/C.  By the time I got up the stairs there, I was a panting sweating fool.  But I persevered and found exact what I wanted.

The clerk who cut my cloth and checked me out asked how miserable it was out there.  I said that I was a heat whiner - "it's never really as miserable as I tell myself it is." And she answered words I *NEVER* hear in Seattle.

"I hear ya.  Personally, anything over 70 is too hot."  

YES!  Exactly!!  

Half the people here want it as hot as it can possibly be and whine that it is never hot enough.  The other half want it as hot as it can possibly be until it gets to 85 and then they start bitching about the heat.

But 70 is what is reasonable.  So now I know there are two of us.

Back home, ironed the fabric and pinked it to size - it is perfect - exactly what I wanted but now I am an exhausted sweaty mess.  Actually, I was when I sat down to write this but some nice iced tea and A/C and stillness has fixed it a little.

Mariners in the 10th and I'm not going to move again.