June 29th, 2012

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Etsy is the That Little Girl... Box of Chocolates - you never know...
When she was good,
She was very, very good,
And when she was bad she was horrid.
My most recent order just arrived and it is so very very very good!!
As soon as I hang, I'll pic and post.  But right now I am just beside myself with delight.

kiddie sassoon

I do not believe I have ever 'shared' on LJ before.  Wild.  But, this is a good one to try it out on.

I am not a kid person  - I don't even know why I clicked the link.  And I actually thought it was probably Scott Simon who really kind of annoys me but did twitter not long ago about a sister hair cutting at his house...
But, once when I was about 5 and my sister was about 3, I gave her bangs a trim because Mom was busy.  I trimmed them back to the hairline so it would be a long time before Mom had to do it again - ever helpful I was.  

So I clicked this link.  Really cute.  I love the bit about bad things happen once or twice or three times or once in every life.  There's some wisdom there.   

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If you want to crack up, listen to this very serious interview that an NPR reporter did with his two young daughters after one gave the other a bad haircut.



I started working this morning a little before 6.  I took one break to hang my new S.  I ate lunch over the keyboard and kept on truckin'...  I'm waiting now for the last of the QA to come in so I can fix or schedule for publish.  I'm wiped.  And bleary. No swimming today.  I am so grateful to be paid by the hour AND that it's Friday.

Last weekend I got a wild hair up my ass to get a giant letter S for over my bed.  I've wanted something over my bed forever and I've tried a few things that didn't work.  I tried to get Sheri interested in finding me something but she never took the bait.  And then I remember Mary Richard's M on the Mary Tyler Moore Show.  Perfect!!!  Neon or LED...  I poked around the internet for a while and couldn't find what I had in my mind and couldn't figure out how to make it right.  Then I hit on this one Etsy store and had him make me a wooden S and it came today and it's perfect.  In every way.  It looks way better in person.

I'm just tickled to bits with it.  And as my brother pointed out in Google+, now I will know at a glance which bed is mine!

Tonight is a ballgame and bear knitting... and not thinking.  I am pretty sure my brain needs a full recharge.

Tomorrow is swim class and breakfast and then a trip to Northgate to see about a screen protector for my phone and jeans for my ass.