June 27th, 2012

Done Deed and Vindication

Tija was already mostly into the job by the time I got down to the storage locker at 6:30 this morning.  We got everything out without my having to go in there and got it all upstairs to the main level of the garage.  There is an area that has kind of grown into the "free store" where people leave shit they don't want.  (Last month I scored 2 cartridges from my printer - my best find ever.)

I put a sign on the whole pile saying that whatever was still there by Friday would be taken to the Goodwill.  But, I'm pretty sure there will be nothing left.  

IMAG01763 computer tables
2 rolling grocery carts1 other small table
2 TiVos (no remotes)
1 bin  of knitting patterns
6 plastic milk crates
3 large plastic bin with lids
2 pair wire pants dryers
1 large TV lazy susan
A giant basket of coax cable
1 radio/cassette/CD player
24 large plastic stemmed wine glasses 

And I can't even remember the rest.  

Whew and done.

And... Tija said that by the time we were done she could really feel that there was something in the air there that was not good for breathing.  As she pointed out, she has great lungs so she wasn't concerned for her but she could see how not great lungs would balk.  She is, she said, going to lay down a bunch of mold killer and then a layer of wooden pallets before she sticks her stuff in there.  "But, really, who cares if old client files stink?"

She's delighted to have the space and I'm delighted to have the rent plus have it all cleared out.    And it's only 7:30 am!  Good day so far!!!

I broke my lungs but good news and old news...

Yeah, turns out I breathed enough of that shit this morning to piss off my lungs.  BUT, I'm pretty sure I have the tools and info to nip it in the bud and fix it completely myself without the $600 worth of doctor bills.  I have Stop Coughing pills and Rescue Inhaler an even prednizone which I'm not taking unless my Plan A doesn't work fast.  But, I think it will.  

My plan was to go to Meadowbrook (the pool I go to on Saturdays that is not close by) for their 11:15 class.  BUT, somehow 11:15 morphed in my mind to 11:30.  So I left what I thought was a little early at 10:55 and wasn't at all concerned when I hit Mariner traffic (afternoon game).  Turns out I was about 4 minutes late! 

The instructor was not the one I expected.  A new guy who turned out to be pretty good.  Not great but new and interested in making the class a good one.  And the traffic coming home wasn't horrible.  I think I can do better if I take the state highway instead of the interstate.  I'll do a test next Wednesday.

Class was really good and fun even while coughing and panting.  It was in class that I realized there was an issue.  Now, an hour later, I'm all medicated and have done some minor running around and the coughing is minor an panting gone.  


Half the stuff in the pile in the garage is gone.  Neighbor Ann just came in with a newspaper that she pulled out of the pile.  I thought I'd gotten rid of all the papers except the knitting patterns but I guess not.  She could not let me toss this.  Funny to see it again.  

Here's the photo that was on the front page of the Seattle Times Business Section.  That's me and Bubba.  I'll bet that photographer hurt his elbow patting himself on the back for that great shot.  I love the state of the art Compaq computer and the ashtray.  But really, the look on Bubba's face is hilarious.

me and bubba

Here's a link the story from December 16, 1997.