June 26th, 2012

Holy goat rodeo, batman!!

Today is just one major WTF after another.  Even normally not wonky people are losing it.  All around me.  HELP!!!

On the up side...

Each condo in the building has a storage unit.  Most are about 4 feet x 10 feet and about 10 feet tall.  Mine has one of the best locations because I was one of the first to move into the building and I picked it out carefully.  

BUT it's down the the lower level of the garage and it's dank and it smells funny and I think I'm allergic to it.  I noticed several years ago that every time I went own there, I coughed.  Last October I was down there for about 30 minutes and got a horrible cough the next day that lasted about 4 months.

So I decided about a month ago, since I'm never going in there again, I'd see if I could rent it.  I put a notice on the bulletin board with little tear flags. Most of the flags got torn off but no one asked about renting it.  Until yesterday.  Tija - the owner of my former gym and my upstairs neighbor - came racing to find me yesterday afternoon frantic to know if it was still available!    She needs it to store old gym files.  Perfect.

There is some stuff in there but nothing I want.  I told her if she would move the stuff out to the hall where I could get it without going in there, I'd give her the first month free.  She was enthusiastic about that so we're meeting down there at 6:30 tomorrow morning to do the deed.

The rent will be $75 a month which will cover my audible.com bill and my pool fees every month!  Score!!  She's jazzed about finding a place - her best other option was $150 a month two blocks away.

It's a clear cut case of Everybody Wins!!

And now I have to get back to the goat rodeo.  At least it's billable hours!