June 3rd, 2012

Weird breakfast

I tried a new place today that was really neat. The food was fabulous. The place was cool. But... there was a screecher. A child - about 12 months old. His mother was playing on her iPad His father was just staring into space. The kid was screeching. Not continually. Sporadically. Ear piercing.

Then, in walks a couple and I notice that the woman is someone I've worked with more than once. And not that happily. You know the tone and facial expressing that Seinfield always greeted Newman? That's how I feel about this woman. She didn't see me. Thankfully.

As I finished my meal a cute gay couple took the table next to me. They order coffee. The guy on my side asks if they have soy. Nope. Then orders cream. When the waitress comes back they inquire as to which things are gluten free (None)... No dairy, no gluten and then his partner says that they are vegetarian. Why don't they just pop a carrot and call it a day????

But, they were cute. Cute with issues. And both of them flinched every time the screecher went off.

Down the street from the restaurant is the Ballard farmers market. So I wandered around there for a bit. There was a lovely breeze and it wasn't crowded yet. Just nice.

Then on to the good pet food store (Mud Bay) where I got wet food and, now that I have that sorted - they like anything with chicken and beef any it, not so much turkey and fish - time to find a good dry food.  They nice sales guy loaded me up with 10... TEN!... different samples and the samples are quite generous.  Very very nice.

Then back towards home with a stop at the Goodwill to drop off my latest bags full and now home to the baseball game.

My back and arms know they did something unusual yesterday. But, my casual game carpal tunnel arm issues are all gone which is nice.