May 21st, 2012

this time tomorrow

This time tomorrow, I'll be pirate patched and, hopefully, home and feelin' fine... with one less cataract.

I'm fairly consumed with the whole thought of it. I'm so tired not being able to see well and so ready to see again. I'm not particularly anxious about it except that I think maybe I should be. I remember when I had those three cysts removed from my head. I did not think at all about how much it was going to hurt and boy did it ever. Actually I was probably better off not knowing. So maybe I'm better off not even thinking about what this procedure will be like.

I did book a cab to come pick me up tomorrow morning. I rarely take a cab anywhere - I can't even remember the last time I did. I poked around until I found one I could book online with (and who promises to send me a text when the driver is on his way which would be very nice). It's not that far but there's really no good way to get there by bus and I don't want to take a chance on changing buses during rush hour.

Ann will be there when I get out to take me home but she is not a morning person and there's no reason in the world why she should have to get up early to go sit there for an hour and do nothing. She said she'd do it but no. She's also going to take me to the follow up appointment on Wednesday where, hopefully, I'll get my 'All OK to drive and everything else'. I made tomorrow's appointment for 10 so she won't have to get up early the either.

I'm expecting some work to come in momentarily but the system we need to do the work is down so there won't be much I can do until they fix it. Sigh. It's work for the good project. The other project looks like it might be quiet for the week which is way fine by me.

This morning I was going to call the company than insures my condo (the part I own) and see about getting less coverage in hopes of lowering the bill. But last night as I was going to sleep, I walked through scenarios and decided that I'd better keep it like it is. It's already the highest deductible and lowering the actual coverage will just invite disaster. The good news is that it is an annual bill so I really only have to face how horribly expensive it is once a year. Then I can forget about it.

I finally got around to watching the new TNT show Common Law last night and I think it's probably a keeper. Meanwhile I have stacks of other shows like Criminal Minds, House, The Firm and a few others I can't even remember - these are shows I liked once but the fell out of like with but think when the pickins get slim and I get desperate... I still have all but the first episode of Scandal yet to watch. Plus all the Summer shows will kick in here in a few weeks. I think I'm set.

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I just read two fairly recent explicit and detailed accounts of going through the cataract surgery that I'll be having tomorrow. I was only a little anxious before I read the accounts and they totally erased that tiny bit of anxiety.
The internet is such a wonderful and people like these two guys who share the details of what happened to them are so generous.
Now the only part that has me worried is zero liquids after midnight. I'd hate to die of thrust. At least I'm scheduled for 9 am so I'm thinking the drinking will start about 9:30. I think I can manage that.

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This skein of hot pink from the +Dave Bennett batch is from a TG&Y store. When I was growing up, my grandparents lived in Oklahoma and one of the great joys of going there to visit them was a trip to TG&Y. I loved that place.
Wikipedia says that the last one closed in 2001.
I love knitting with historic yarn, especially when it brings back such fond memories of my history.