May 15th, 2012

Too soon really

Last night it was hot. Too hot. I have no cross ventilation here unless the front door and the terrace door is open so at night, if it's warm out, it's hot in. I do have a ceiling fan over my bed which is very helpful so it wasn't horrible but still too hot.

Today it is already warm in here. So warm that I've started thinking air conditioner. I have an air conditioner on wheels. I roll it into the living room. I modified a pet slider insert for the door and use that to vent it out to the terrace. For the past 12 years I have noted the date when I set it up and put it away. So far there were only two years when I set it up as early as May and none as early as the 14th so it's not time yet.

This pace was fashioned out of 100+ year old railroad warehouse. The timbers holding the floors up at 18" square - you can see the in the garage. Wood is relatively slow to heat up but once it's heated, it holds the heat for a while. So this building stays cool for a while but once we get several hot days in a row, we're cooked until after Labor Day.

This year the air conditioner will also serve as a sound barrier when the construction gets too loud. (I like it mostly as nice background noise but once in a while it needs to stop.)

But, still... it's too soon.

Meetings and cooking and dry dock

Today was work work work until time to go swim about 11:30. Except about 10:30, I got noticed of a meeting at noon and it butted up against my regular 1 pm meeting so no pool for me today.

It was actually ok because the meeting at noon was very helpful and I don't mind missing the Tuesday class. I have two good ones to pick from tomorrow and zero meetings so it will be fine.

Anita was here cooking today. Crabcakes and meatloaf and grapefruit and avocado salad and a freezer full of goodies. She won't be back for 3 weeks. She comes on the first and third Tuesdays and this month we have five Tuesdays. It actually works out fine because I have several days of my own cooking which is a huge reminder of why I really really need Anita!

The Mariners are currently losing to the Red Sox again. Sigh.

Yesterday I had finger gout. Or arthritis of the finger. Right hand, index finger, first joint. NOT good. I need that finger - it types, it knits, it punches a mouse... it works hard all day. I cannot be out of commission. So I'm voting for gout. Gout will go away. I iced it down last night and took one of the magic gout pills - Indomethacin. It's better today. I can still feel it but it's better. I'll ice again tonight and pop another pill and hope it goes away.

My Dad had arthritis in his fingers. It looked very painful. I do not want that. Thanks anyway.

I am counting down the days to the eye knife. I keep thinking ohhh this time next week I'll be able to see that. I'm so so ready.