May 10th, 2012

Quiet morning

Usually, when I'm here at my computers which, is, let's face it, most of the time, I have a window open with my brother's shop's webcam up and the sound on so I can see and hear the happenings. Neither the view nor the sound is crystal. It's like looking through dirty unfocused glasses and eavesdropping from the other room, but it's nice background noise.

Today, however, I have it all turned off. And the door closed. I can hear a tiny bit of the construction across the street but, really, that's it. The cats are asleep. It is pin drop quiet. My typing is the only sound I really hear.

It's different and kind of nice. For a change.

I'm heading over to the pool in about 30. Then I have a conference call at 1 which will probably be cancelled at 12:55 - or shortly after I race home to log into it. And that will likely be it for work. There's no baseball game tonight either so I have an afternoon/evening without plans.

Turns out the movie I want to see will be playing this weekend at my favorite theater so now my mothers-day-brunch-rush-workaround will work fine. Nice. I can walk down to the market, get early breakfast at one of the places that are so mothers-day-ish and then walk up to the theater. It is supposed to be sunny and warm which is not my favorite but I'll deal and hopefully be home before it gets too bad.

I am really enjoying the book I borrowed from Amazon lending - The Walk by Lee Goldberg - but I discovered this morning that it is not available on my phone. Apparently, Amazon loaners won't download to anything but an actual Kindle. Just like the free TV/Movies that Amazon lets me stream with my Prime membership won't stream to my Tivo. Apparently, they will stream to my Samsung smart TV but that thing is such a bitch to operate, it's truly not worth the effort. Plus, I've got enough stuff on TiVo to watch that there is no way I have enough years left as it is.

But, still, it's a little aggravating that they say here's all this free stuff but you can't read it or watch it like you can the pay stuff. This whole area of complaining really wants to but will never even make it up to the level of first world problems. I am forgetting about it in 1... 2... 3

I think I'll suit up and hit the water.

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When I came out of Subway, I noticed a fairly large crowd outside a small shop... they were all waiting for it to open - it was 12:10. It was the Custom Gold Teeth shop.
??? You'd buy your gold teeth off the shelf??? Over the counter?
And what's the big draw for Custom Gold Teeth on a Thursday afternoon?
Enquiring Minds...

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Now up on my car MP3 thumb drive is one of the Jim Lehrer albums. It first occurred to me that the obvious targets today are just too obvious. No creativity needed.
But, then, thinking back on the times when he was current and, honestly, all that stuff was really obvious then, too. And he did great work - new math, Hubert Humphrey, Brotherhood Week, the Catholic Church...
So funny, so creative. And earworms that aren't so embarrassing when I hum them in public. i don't think he even has the word scrotum in any of his songs...