May 6th, 2012

From G+ and automagically copied here...

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Hey +Barack Obama I have real estate on my car that I'm willing to use for your campaign. But to get past your home screen to see what is available and how to procure it requires my zip code and email address. Then, the next page demands money. All I want now is a placard or a bumper sticker. I'll probably donate money later but it will be untraceable cash. I don't want your campaign stalking me... I just want a freaking bumper sticker. No joy for either of us, eh?

Looking at a doctor week...

Nice, quiet Sunday. I meant to do laundry and forgot. Tomorrow will work just as well. Tomorrow I have work early in the morning and swimming, of course, but that's about it, I think. Plenty of laundry time.

Tuesday morning first thing, I go to the cataract doctor to get my eye measured. They said it would take 2 hours. But I think that's there goto time span. They told me the evaluation appointment would take 2 hours so when they were done at 30 minutes, I felt kind of let down. I'm ready now.

The doctor has moved into new digs. She is part of a giant clinic with my other doctors. One by one they are all moving into this giant, petty, fairly impossible to get to new building. It's not impossible really but there is one right way to turn and if you pick one of the other ways you are fucked - trapped downtown on one way streets. I tried to drive there one day and missed the turn. It was a bitch.

On Wednesday, it's back to the old building where my regular doctor is still. Fasting blood test. Friday, I go back there to see him for my annual appointment. I usually have it in January but I figured he was seeing enough of me and we'd just skip it. But, apparently not. So Friday it is. It's important to me to keep this guy happy. He keeps me going so I want him on my team and happy to be there.

Also on Friday, unless something happens, I'm going to the Saturday pool for class. One of the swimmers on Saturday told me that Montrel is teaching the Friday at 1:30 class. Worth the trip.

I don't expect work to be busy but that could certainly change.