May 2nd, 2012

POP! Let the healing begin

Sometime in the night, the giant (seriously the size of a couple of dimes stacked up) boil gave up the ghost. Whew. I had fashioned a bandage held in place by an ace bandage around my thigh. Worked perfectly.

There will be swimming today. There are two classes I could pick from - both at pools 15-20 minutes from here. But I think I'll go to my own pool - 2 miles away - and just exercise on my own.


oooops Looks like I forgot to hit the 'post' button. I hate when that happens.

Oh well, I'm back from the pool and I can tell you it was great! I could feel the boil spot - it didn't hurt but I didn't want to aggravate it so I didn't work hard and stayed in less than 45 mins but it was good and it was fine.

And the spot loved it, too. It's amazing how fast the human body heals. Less than 24 hours ago it was huge and ugly and purple and stick out like that 'On' button everything used to have. Now it is flat and barely darkened and you can hardly see a skin break. Wild.

And whew.

I *am* posting this now.