April 27th, 2012

handy man and piggy kitty

On my way home from the pool today I stopped at Subway and got a sandwich. I have not had a Subway sandwich in forever and it was delicious. I finished it and crumpled up the paper the sandwich was in and set it on the ottoman and focused on something else.

The next thing I knew, Betty had hopped up and swiped the sandwich paper and was licking it to death. I mean not just a little but she was digging into it like a dog would!

So I opened up a can of catfood. Half in her bowl and half in Travis'. He could have cared less and she ate both. All of a sudden she's turned into a food vacuum!

I tackled two giant, tedious, perilous, horrible work tasks first thing this morning and finished them before I left for the pool. Whew and yeah.

And they delivered my replacement dining room table. Replacement for the one that came damaged. All fixed all done. Except I still need to vacuum the styrofoam bits they left behind. I really hate styrofoam - it leaves a mess where ever it goes - sheets, peanuts, whatever. It's a mess.

Last night after I got home from dinner with machupicchu, I was sitting here catching up on the computer. The house was silent. I sneezed - loudly. And then I heard the beep the computer makes when someone sends me a Google Chat note and this popped up on my screen:

Matthew: Excuse you! And bless you!

OMG did that crack me up! Both of the webcams have sound but one of them - the Drop Cam - has very loud sound - crappy picture but loud sound. And we had been talking about that webcam at dinner but still, it caught me by surprised and made me L very OL.

Spending time with machupicchu is always guaranteed to be laugh filled.

Steve the handy man is coming on Sunday to rehang the stained glass windows.

I totally forgot that and tried to hang something on the wall by the front door myself. Botched it like - botched it in a way that I'll bet most people would bet was not even possible. I surveyed the damage and determined that all it needed was a handy man. I should call Steve. Whoops, you fool, Steve will be here day after tomorrow. Oh well, he will feel very needed.

I need to get some $20s to pay him with and get gas. Didn't I just get gas the other day???


going up!

The building across the street added their first above ground floor...

I can see the beginnings on their parking garage.

Plus this shot shows The Tree That I Hate beginning to obliterate me.