April 24th, 2012

Fan tastic

It's been getting a bit warm in here. Not nearly warm enough to haul in the air conditioner but warm enough. So last night, I pulled in the fan. It's a nice looking tower number that I got on sale years ago. It's size and shape makes storage easy and the color fits in nicely with my living room decor. This morning, the construction site across the street is a bit noisy so the door is closed and the fan is providing me with a nice breeze.

Happily, too, the morning sun is taking the day off. I always feel so much more energized, awake and alive when the sun is not laser beaming me. I'm ok with bright as long as the sun is pointing away from me but I'm best with cloudy. It's just comforting like a favorite blanket.

I used to work with a guy who lived in Arizona. We kind of shared a job and so talked on the phone a million times a day. Occasionally, I'd go there or he'd come here. Neither of us felt remotely comfortable in the other's space. He always said he felt so claustrophobic here. "There are just too many trees. It makes me feel trapped." Arizona, on the other hand (and besides the heat) made me feel exposed, unprotected.

I do get why people love sunshine. I almost get why people love hot. I just don't happen to be one of either of those people.

You know those old ladies who can just never get warm enough? That's what I want to be when I grow up.

Today is swim class and conference call and then ballgame at 4. Not so much else going on.

My gout is back which is really annoying as it seems I just got rid of it about a week ago. It's not horrible. I know when the ice pack is more uncomfortable than the gout, that I've caught it in time. Ice and my gout bullets (indomethacin) should take care of it.

I think I'll go put clean sheets on the bed.

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Now I have so much stuff stored in the cloud that I need an app to remember where I put what.
Then I want an app for storing all the crap I have out in the terrace storage sheds - and a way of indexing it.... It would be so cool to look on my computer and see how many lightbulbs I have on hand, or screw hooks, or allen wrenches and what size.... and then just download the one I want.
I do love that the new Google Drive downloaded all my Google docs and syncs them automagically. That's both handy and comforting.