April 23rd, 2012

Nothin' much

After tossing off the winter quilt several times last night, today I declared winter over - at least as far as bed clothes are concerned. The quilt, on its last legs anyway, went to the Goodwill bin and I pulled out the spring cover.

Swimming was great. I've recently discovered that it's fun to get there first. The pool is like glass. On Mondays, there's an elderly Japanese couple who share the big lane with me. He likes the rope side, she likes the pool edge side so I get the middle. We do fine together.

After the pool, I made a quick stop at the grocery and then made the trip to Goodwill. The Smart Car can does not have room for frivolous storage. And, happily, the Goodwill is between here and the pool - easy to get in and out and I was quite proud of not even considering stopping in their store to buy more Shit I Don't Need.

Otherwise, today has been a bit boring. Not horrible but just nothing going on and I have not been too good at making anything happen so... boring.

I did battle the Sprint telephone tree and horrible connections until I finally got a clear line and a very sharp customer service rep. She fixed me right up. As of May 5, my phone confusion will be over and my bill will be way nicer. I wish I was not so dependent on the Hotspot. I could drop another $30 off the bill. But, while I do not use it much. Maybe once a week or less, when I need it, I really need it. Getting a wifi device would cost the same a month and I'd have to carry around another thing. So I keep it for now but I'm monitoring usage closely.

Now I think I'll go empty the dishwasher and tidy up the kitchen. The cats will think they are getting fed. They won't be. But, I love it when they are so hopeful.