April 21st, 2012

The list du jour

First the swim. Last week I got there way too early. This week I am paying better attention.

After swim, breakfast. I have a new spot in my spyglass with a fallback plan, if needed, to a place I've been to before and liked.

Then sandals. Last year I had a house full of sandals - none of which really worked. So the Goodwill got them all. This year, I'll wear Crocs until I find the perfect pair. I've got time. It's not nearly hot enough to require them. Today, I'm going to check the options at Fred Meyers.

I need to get to Home Depot which may be today but maybe not.

There is a giant motor cross going on in the stadium across the street. And a baseball game at 1 pm at the stadium in the next block. Actually, for the next six week, there is something going on there - football (yep), soccer, motor cross starting at 1 pm. This just means I need to be aware and plan my desired access and egress a little carefully or risk getting stuck in traffic minutes from home.

I might just come on home today to be safe, plus watch the baseball game.

But, first, a swim.