April 18th, 2012

The today of me

Top of my list of things to do to day - and also things I am putting off by writing this entry - is the medical bill stuff. There is a disconnect somewhere and today I am going to find it. I'm going to spread out the papers over my new big table and figure this sucker out.

While I am waiting for the handy man. I suspect he will be here later this afternoon but it could be this morning. He's doing other work in the building and since I really didn't need to nail him to a specific time, I didn't.

I did discover that I measured the transom for the stained glass wrong. Yep. I had a heart attack last night until I realized that hanging it in front of the transom recess will work fine and actually look better - more important. And, will enable me to back light it if I ever decide I want to do that. Whew. Bullet dodged.

I doubt there will be any work today, so once the handy man leaves, if it's early enough I can go swim or do whatever I want.

I've been watching the first season of The Big C and it is oddly very compelling. I caught the pilots of Best Friends Forever and Don't Trust the B* in Apt. 4C. I enjoyed the former. The latter's getting one more shot. It's hard to see that regular network TV has much of a future. They just can't seem to get their shit together.

But, my new TiVo is stepping up to the plate. I've always tried to 'train' my TiVo's about what I like and have been moderately successful, but this time I have nailed it.

I started off my porting my old Season Pass list from the old TiVo to the new via the TiVo website. It's one of the worst pieces of coding I have ever seen but I finally managed to make it work and it beat the hell out of doing it by hand. Then, in the early days, I was religious about thumbs up and down for stuff I chose to record and stuff it found.

Now, in the 'recommended' file is stuff I'm actually interested in! Plus, two times now I have heard, after the fact, about a show or interview I wish I had caught, and went into that folder and there it was!!

The response time on the new TiVo is not good and there is a major bug that I can overcome only by using the other TiVo, but having four tuners and a giant hard drive really makes up for a lot. And they will likely fix the problems with updates eventually.

Ok, now I've put off my chore long enough. I'm going to get to it now and get it done.

Done and ready!!

First of all let me say how much I love my new table. I love having a table. When I first moved in and then for the Redo of 2005, I was adamant about NO Table! I did not want anyone entering the condo to harbor the delusion that they were going to get a meal. I don't cook for me, I sure as shit am not going to cook for anyone else. I'll make a reservation... I do make a fine reservation.

Anyway, I finally realized that 1) I enjoy eating at a table. My lap is great but not for dinner. and 2) I had no place to spread shit out for working on it - not sewing, not paperwork, not viewing plans and discussing. No place for two people to work on the very rare occasion that someone comes over for work. and 3) I wanted a table.

So I got one and it's a beaut. Exactly the right size but expandable. Convenient and I love it.

This morning, I got my medical paperwork out and spread it out all over my great table. I discovered what was missing and found it online (and discovered a few really odd things filed in the same folder - I tossed out an enormous amount of paperwork recently and am amused at what got saved and what didn't). I found all the missing bits online and then, methodically, when through all the bits line by line - matching the doctor bills with the insurance accountings. I found everything and reconciled it all.

Everything is caught up and makes sense. I owe the doctor $35. The HRA owes me $119 in addition to the $153 that the payroll person forgot to add to my paycheck last time. I have notes. With dates and a spreadsheet. whew.

Then I put everything away.

Another thing I love about my new setup. There is physically no space to leave anything out AND there is a place for everything in the cupboard. It's so nice.

I opened up the table wings an laid out everything for the window hanging. I evened up the chains and made enough hooks. I'm ready.



Steve the handy man did such a wonderful job. He even washed the window inside and out and completely washed the light fixture on the porch - taking it apart and washing all the pieces. I can't wait for dark to come so I can try it.

We used the silver hooks and, at his suggestion, painted them green - the same green as the wall so they just disappear. Steve really wanted to use 6 hooks - one for each corner but we compromised on doing 3 and seeing how that works and if it looks like 6 will be better, he can come back and fix. No harm no foul.

He was so delighted with the result, he took pictures for his facebook page which really kind of tickled me.

I love looking at the stained glass from all the different angles. Coming down the hallway (which is usually darkish) to the living room is the most breathtaking. But just sitting here in my chair, they are so beautiful to look at.

I'm just so thrilled with the result. Thank you earthmother45!!! Your work is just amazing.

Yer doin' it wrong...

In lieu of any instructions, Steve and I discussed various ways to hang the windows and settled on the best two and went with one using the other as a backup. We agreed that if this way didn't work for some reason, he'd come back and we'd do it the other way.

Turns out, according to the artist earthmother45, we picked the wrong way. Le sigh.

So now Steve has to come back but I'm going to leave them they way they are until he does. He might not be able to get back here for a few weeks and I have no other place to keep them safe for that long plus I want to look at them. They are so beautiful.

I've been doing so much wrong lately, I've gotten kind of used to it.

Next time I'm looking at two choices, I think I'll go with the one I don't like best and see if I can turn the tide.

I didn't get to the pool today. It's top on my list for tomorrow. Also a quick trip to the fabric store. Amira is coming to clean the house and, hopefully, not trip the breaker again but I will be interested to see if she does. Sheri is ready to land on the electrician if needed. She promises that my air conditioner will be running this Summer. "I won't let you get too hot."

Now I'm getting ready to watch tonight's ballgame and knit tonight's bear.

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In the 20 years I have lived in this condo, I have never used the light out on the terrace. Today when the guy was hanging my stained glass, he not only washed the window inside and out but also gave that light a good wash as well.
I just turned it on. It's not even fully dark yet but the glow from that light is amazing behind the stained glass. I can't get it captured with a camera. Maybe I'll have better luck when it's darker.