April 15th, 2012

ouch my brother's head

I kept bumping up against things that I would ordinarily Google+ to my brother or send him an email about. And I hadn't heard any more since the Charles Manson photo so I sent him a quick email saying I was thinking about him. I know from the picture that he's got his phone and he's got reception, so I took a shot.

He called while I was in the hardware store after brunch.

They are draining spinal fluid from him so he is still in ICU and has a giant headache. He thinks they will stop that tomorrow and let him come home on Tuesday. His spirits are good but his voice and speech cadence sounds like someone who's had their brain fucked with. He did say that they got all of the tumor out which is better than they expected and better than most.

And now that they have taken the bandaging out of his nose he realizes that they fixed it and he can breathe better than he has been able to in years.

From the time he was 2 until he was 12 we lived in a house that had hardwood floors in a long upstairs hallway. He and my sister used to love to sock skate up and down the hall. He was a speed sock skater and an incident with the bedroom door jam rendered his little nose smushed for life or at least until he hit 59 and had a brain tumor dragged out through it.

All fixed now! It was good to talk to him.

A side note that sounds more melancholy than it really is, he ended the call with "I love you." and I realized how nice this sounds and how long it's been since I have heard it from anyone. It makes me appreciate it all the more.

Now I am home and it is a lovely Sunday afternoon with no commitments and no responsibilities. The drum band that usually practices on the other side of the stadium grounds is practicing. The Mainer fans are gathering down at the other stadium.

I'm going to empty the dishwasher and then sit down and bear knit while I watch the game.

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i finally got around to downloading the android tivo app. i can't quite get why that is better than my tivo remote. i'm sure it is, i just can't see it.
my tivo app can switch inputs and switch between my two tivos. the app can't do that.
plus my poor 1st gen EVO is so tight on space, i'm not sure i can justify the space. i did move it to the card, but still....