April 13th, 2012

Getting things done

The second load of laundry is now washing. First load drying. The bed has clean sheet.

I refolded and organized the shirts in my closet and culled out what Goodwill will soon be wearing.

It's warm enough for short sleeves but currently my arms look like I am a victim of elder abuse or have some horrible disease. I have bruises and blood spots all over both arms. Between the years of sun before sunscreen and my aspirin a day the skin on my arms and hands is paper thin. The slightest bump nets me a blood bruise. They look gross. And I get them all the time. I got two this morning just changing the sheets.

I'm sure there are other parts of me equally unsightly but I have to look at my arms and hands all day every day so I think there won't be many short sleeved days any time soon. Fortunately, Walmart carries a very light weight long sleeved shirt in nice colors that does not look horrible. I just popped onto their website and ordered a few. When I got to checkout it asked me if I wanted to use my $5 gift card. ?? I have no clue how I happened on a $5 Walmart gift card but ok.

I have decided that the hand (and foot) cramps is absolutely due to the cholesterol medication I was taking. After Saturday's experience, I stopped taking it. No more hand cramps and I have not had to stop swimming once because of foot cramps. I sent my doctor a note and he is switching me to another kind.

No work today and I don't expect any which means I do not have to stick around here all day. I probably will but it's nice to have the freedom. I will run a couple of errands after swimming, probably.

No more news from my bother so I'm assuming all is fine and dandy.

The Mariners play their first home game tonight. Nice.

The story of the stained glass...

Edit April 13... done!! They are being shipped next week!!!

At the end of last year, I commissioned earthmother45 to create one of her beautiful stained glass windows for my living room.

The space now has a plastic cling thing on it that I put there to keep the eastern sun from frying my ass on Summer mornings.

360 view

We agreed - for both artistic and practical (shipping - since she's 3000 miles away) on 3 windows - a triptych. We settled on fish. I turned her loose.

She is generously documenting the entire process in her journal. And so, I get to watch my windows unfold. I'm collecting all the entries here and will update when she does. It's a wonderful thing to watch.

  1. The beginning
  2. Next - check it out the glass that makes the bubbles has bubbles!!!
  3. Shells and grass and a new fish
  4. A bad break turns out special!
  5. A bad/sad mug break but beautiful adds to the window!
  6. Wanna come up and see my etchings??
  7. Window 1 is looking great!
  8. Sod it all!!
  9. One of three gets framed!
  10. The many lights of the first window...
  11. And the second window begins
  12. Two fish, blue fish
  13. Iridescent fish!
  14. More fish are born.
  15. Even horse hoofs get in the act!!
  16. The second window finished!!
  17. The sun peeks out!
  18. Just the prettiest weeds ever
  19. Two fish, blue fish
  20. Stunning new bits to window 3
  21. The third window gets filled in.
  22. And then a piece escaped!
  23. DONE!!

IP SchmyPee

I am a network noob. If you had me a problem that has an IP address as even a small part of it, I turn into Gone with the Wind... I don't know nuthin' bout freakin networks!!!.

After the latest Windows update, my computers got separation papers. The desktop could see the Lenovo and the Eeepc but not the netbook. The netbook could see only the Eeepc. The Lenovo could only see the desktop. What a freakin' nightmare!!!

Plus, I didn't want to reboot anything again unnecessarily until I figured out how to assign an IP addresss to the computer that houses the radio server or reserve one on the router. I've been trying to figure out for days how to reserve one without success.

Looking online for that kind of info nets you the 2005 how to or the complete compendium of networks since the beginning of time. Nothing quick, dirty and useful.

Finally when I got back from swimming today, I went through the router menus one more time and BAM!!! There it is! Reserved it. Rebooted the router and now most of all the computers now mostly see all of each others. At least I have the critical pieces back together. And the radio server still works.


One of my errands was a grocery trip - I needed butter and they had Land o' Lakes on sale. I didn't think a thing about it until I got home and discovered I had bought East Coast Butter!! How funny.

All my growing up years, butter (and margarine, actually) came in long skinny sticks. And butter dishes were long and skinny.

Then I got to the west coast and all the butter is short and fat. And butter dishes are short and fat. I've been on the west coast now for nearly 25 years. I'm good with short and fat.

But now I've got skinny! It's so weird. The remote is just for sizing.

howeird pointed out that that once the buds on these trees turn into leaves, I will likely never see the train station again. I actually won't see most of what is in the background here. By the time The Tree That I Hate loses its leaves again, the building will have grown far beyond my terrace.

The landscape out my terrace has changed many times over in the 20 years I've lived here. And now it will again.

My brother sent me a Charles Manson photo of himself from the hospital. Holy crap, somebody at least gather that hair up and hide it. At least he's alive.

double lucky brunch weekend

On each day this weekend I am having brunch with a friend I met online.

Saturday is with seattlejo whom I never ever get to see enough of.

Sunday is with a woman I met on Google+ mere minutes after it was launched. We've never met face to face - at least not yet.

Also both meals will be at places I've yet to try.

I'm quite looking forward to both!!