April 7th, 2012

Finally, I"ll get to the pool

I have not had enough swim time this week so I am really looking forward to class today. I love the Saturday morning instructor. She has such energy and focus and always plans a fast and fun class.

After class, I need to stop by the grocery store and then on to brunch (there is no convenient grocery between the brunch spot and home or I would wait until after... oh and the brunch spot doesn't open until 10. Should work out fine.

Then home. I plan to spend the day enjoying my new home. I have bears to knit and good TiVo to catch up on.

Last night's baseball game was excellent and they won. With the Mariners, those two are not always paired. Sometimes the games are great and they lose and sometimes the games stink and they win. So getting both - especially so early in the season - is a fun thing. Tonight's game is at 6 and I'll be ready.

I did some tweaking to my desk - swapped out the keyboard for a more low profile one that had been my back up keyboard and some reswizzling of the cables. The cable work required some contortionism. I aggravated my lower back. I was afraid it would be really hurting this morning but it's really not. And the swim will fix it right up.

Time to go!

Delight du Jour

One of the many issues I was trying to solve with the living room makes over was to get a table. A work/eat/entertain table. A table that I could sit at and do stuff.

The table I got is the perfect size and easily extends to bigger and again to even bigger. I already love it for eating.

But one thing I really wanted was a place to sew. I used to sew big time. In fact, I once had a business making clothes for people. I made my own clothes for years and years. When Sheri redid this condo in 2005, my sewing table bit the dust. No room for it. And my sewing machine went into a cabinet.

When I wanted to sew, I set up a TV table in the bedroom. There was no place to press stuff, no place to put stuff, the cats wound up playing with everything and I wound up frustrated. So I dragged it out for emergencies only.

I invented a new thing in my head the other day - it's a table runner/place mat. Something I could use for my dinner but then move to the center of the table for show. I found a great fabric basket to keep in the center for napkins and the tv remote. So I wanted my runner to go with the table runner/place mat.

I found the perfect stuff in the fabric store (which also had a pre-Easter deal where you picked an egg out of the basket and got a surprise... mine was 20% off my purchases!!).

I came home and set up the sewing machine and iron with room to put stuff and plugs to plug it all into without a BFD. I'm so delighted. I trimmed out the pieces and steamed the wrinkles all out. I'm letting them rest now and then I'll sew them up with the trim and then put everything away. Easy, peasy.

It just tickles my soul to have my sewing back. I don't even have anything else to make and I'm still delighted.

I think I'm going to watch Scandal while the fabric dries.

The new diet

Tonight while eating dinner, my right hand cramped up so badly that I could not hold the fork. I tried eating with my left and it got an even worse cramp. It was beef stroganoff - all I needed as a fork and I could not hold on to one. Either hand. I've had hand cramps before - usually, now that I think about it - while I'm eating. But never this bad and never both hands at once. I finally gave up.

I tried running hot water over my hands. It didn't help much. I can type - it doesn't hurt but I can feel remnants of the cramps. Same with knitting. Weird o weird.

The cute doctor had me stop the cholesterol medicine for 2 weeks to see if that helped. I couldn't tell a difference. He offered me a muscle relaxer and I said no thanks because mostly the cramps went away quickly. I may rethink.