April 5th, 2012

Ying and Yang

Today had a fair amount of suckage here at SDHQ. The house cleaner came just as I was hit with a major work festuche. The house cleaner wanted to chat. I needed to focus on work. It was a bit stressful. She finally got to cleaning and left me alone pretty much.

Then she started the vacuum which was the loudest vacuum I've ever heard in my life. I thought I would go nuts... until, she finally blew a fuse with it and I lost my internet access (cause, of course, the fuse she blew was the same one that the router uses)...

So now I have an electrical issue. Last Summer I learned to not run the air conditioner at the same time as her vacuum. Today, I didn't even have the air conditioner in the house, much less on. The new living room lights were on, though.

I need to do some heavy duty testing. I need to pull the air conditioner out of the terrace closet and turn it on while the living room lights are on. If they can't run at the same time, I am calling Mr. Cute Electrician back for a fix. I'm ok if it's only the vacuum. I can turn off stuff while she does that. But I gotta have lights. I gotta have air.

Today has been way too much of a bitch to do any testing today. Tomorrow maybe. I need to find a time when I have time to do it and don't need the router or internet connection. But I need to do it soon so I can yank the electrician back. And I must do it before the air conditioner is mandatory.

Work just shagged my ass all day. I think, at the very end of the day, I caught a break, figured out why stuff was getting rejected and got help to fix the worst part. So I decided to stop for a bit and do something else or stop until tomorrow morning.

So I stopped and remembered to check the Apple refurb site. They had inventory!!! Just the exact one I was looking for at the exact price. Yeah!!!! I ordered one for Ann to give to Ron. It will be here in plenty of time. Lots of time. and I can quit worrying about it. Yeah!!!

And my house is now quiet. And clean. Nice. Very nice. Pork chops for dinner. Yeah.

One more thing and I will SCREAM!!!

I always say I have no stress in my life. I don't. I don't have a husband to annoy me or kids to drive me crazy or a job that I hate or money stress or even a wish I was someone else or lived somewhere else or had stuff I don't or want things I can't have. The Reader's Digest Top 10 Stressers just are not mine.

But, I really do have stress when stress is people or things that make you just bonzo. Technology that won't work the way they should. People who are stupid and don't know it. One or two of these a day are not a problem. I call them challenges and I pride myself in overcoming them.

A day full, however, is my stress. When, in the span of several hours, my electricity blows, my work is complicated by a combination of technology and stupid people - for hours on end, and then I discover that the electricity blowout unhooked my beloved internet radios and I couldn't get them back.

I totally get why people throw shit and put their fist through a wall and just blow. I get it. I do.

I have not checked the air conditioner yet and won't until at least tomorrow but after much fiddling and guessing and freaking, I managed to stumble on the radio fix.

Instantly I felt that people who happened in my path are safe from harm. Even the cats get a bye.

Travis is keeping his distance in his new favorite spot.