April 3rd, 2012

This morning scares me...

Especially lately, I've been living in the land of What Will Fuck Up Next... All 1st World fuck ups but fuck ups nonetheless.

Today - at least so far - this is the land of Better Than Expected!

Chef Anita is here filling my freezer and not a minute too soon. As I was eating my own cooking last night, I was thinking... this chef sucks.

UPS has been dragging their ass in here after 5 pm every day. FedEx, on the other hand, is stopping here nearly before breakfast! Today was a twofer.

The new (refubished) monitor. It took me a bit to figure out how to get the stand off and the wall hanging cleat on but I did it. Sweet!

The one I got was Viewsonic. I've always wanted a Viewsonic and it has such a beautiful picture that it makes my other two monitors look like crap - especially the old Dell. I'd shit kick the old Dell and get another refurb like this one but the Dell has two critical USB ports right on it and I need those suckers. So... sigh. I guess I'll be fiddling with the old monitor settings today.

And, the new dining room chairs arrived. They look - on the surface - like the easiest IKEA assembly ever. But, we shall see.

But, mainly, I had a major work triumph. I figured out a particularly complicated bit of code and made it work the way I wanted to. It took a few hours but I was not only successful, it sailed through QA and came out the other end with the designed 'pass'. Yeah!!

Next up, swim class, then conference call, then chair assembly... Then maybe I can get some photos...

This n That n The Other

Chef Anita helped me put together one of the dining room chairs and Neighbor Ann helped me with the other. The three of us agree they are perfect.


Also Ann reminded me that the last time Seattle City Light cut off our electricity for the day, they said it would be 9-5 and it turned out, in reality to be from about 10:30-4. I can live with that. A week from today.

She (Ann) decided that she does want to order a refurbished Gen 1 wifi 16G wifi iPad. Of course, now, they are out. Crap. I wish I knew how often they updated their supply and if any are in the pipeline. I'm not sure where else to buy (that is totally completely trustworthy).

I forgot to call that other cataract doctor and cancel the appointment I have with him for next week. Tomorrow.

My job has changed a little and is now actually taking up more and more of my time. For a long time now, most days, I just had to be here and available and didn't have that much to do. But the pendulum is swinging the other way now... and there will be far more total heads down days. At least on the surface, I'm ok with that.

I am glad that the bulk of the redesign work is done and my house is mine again. No way could I have done the kind of work I need to do in the middle of the three ring circus that has been here.

Betty says it's dinner time and I need go to get the mail...

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I was just watching the evening news about the tornadoes around Dallas and I looked out across my terrace in Pioneer Square, downtown Seattle and it looks pretty ominous here! I've seen tornadoes up close and this looks a lot like what it looks like just before they hit.
We won't have one here but it is kind of a jolt to look up and see.