April 2nd, 2012

March bears

Change is good.... I never did get green chair pix of these guys this month so I'm trying one big group shot. I don't think I have it perfected... We may go back to the green chair. I'll see.... but for now, it's delivery day.

Swimming and thots

fj asked me about the results of six months of swimming and I answered him but then later gave it even more thought.

When I first started going to the gym it was because I had lost stamina. I could not walk downtown, shop and walk home. I could not shop at Costco. I did not then, nor do I now, exercise to lose weight or be able to bench press the fridge. I just want to stave off atrophy.

Working at the gym for 30 minutes 3-5 days a week did the trick but I hated it with a white hot passion. I spent an enormous amount of energy trying to come up with excuses why I didn't have to go.

I switched from the gym to the pool 6 months ago. Same goal. But the pool is so much more fun. I spend about twice the amount of time there than I did at the gym. I try to do certain routines every time. But I'm not rigid about it. As long as i can spend the time moving around with some fast and hard intervals, I'm happy.

I do feel more flexible. And I feel like I can do more for longer periods of time. I cannot benchpress the fridge but my life is pretty complete without that.

Mainly the swimming makes my whole body just generally happier all the time.

Cataracts and webcam...

The eye doctor declared my cataract eligible!!

The last time I went to see this same doctor was not a fun experience. I had to wait forever, the office staff was curt and unhelpful. The doctor was annoying. It was 2009.

This time, I did not even have time to check in on my phone before they called me back. The only staff person I worked with could not have been nicer, interesting or interested. The doctor was just as nice as she could be and very helpful and easy to talk to.

It was really weird how different the experiences were. Turns out I have two cataracts. One in each eye. One is very bad and the other is so insignificant, it does not interfere in any way with my vision. She's going to take the bad one out. On May 22. Yeah!!!

I have to go back on May 8 for measurements and pre-surgery instructions. And then back on the 22nd.

OH and the doctor, after I explained how I 'swim' and promised not to get my face wet (and said I could wear goggles, if she wanted me to) said that it would be best to take a couple of days off from the pool but it was up to me!!

So we are a go and I am delighted.

And I have a new webcam. It's an easy one to move around and has some options. Right now I have it sitting right next to the TV and zoomed in - http://dropc.am/p/AksU13

The old webcam is still on duty.

Now the cats say it is dinner time.