April 1st, 2012

Sunday morning...

Sometimes I get gout in my right big toe. After the first episode which was almost more painful than the time my eardrum burst, I got some magic pills from Dr. Cute and now, at the first twinge, I pop one and the gout disappears. This time, however, it has taken a couple of days of magic pills plus some icing but I think it's finally planning it's departure.

When it was so bad before, I was still torturing myself at the gym. The nice thing about swimming is that things like gout and many other aches and pains actually are soothed by the water. I limped to the pool yesterday and limped away but while I was in, it felt fine.

I will be glad when it's totally gone, however.

Today's brunch is going to be Croque Madame in West Seattle. The place doesn't open until 10 so I'm killing time. After this, I'll get dressed and head out. I need to stop at the grocery so I can do that on the way.

I was thinking I want louder speakers on my desktop PC and was shopping around online when I hit on some wireless speakers and then remembered I had had some for my old TV which was never loud enough. I just looked in my Closet Of Abandoned Gadgets and there it was!! Nice. The speakers are kind of bigger than I want but maybe I can hide them at least partially. I'm going to set them up this afternoon and see. Cool.

Tomorrow is bear delivery day. I would like to get the one currently on the needles finished. Also tomorrow is my appointment with the Please Take Out the Cataract doctor.

Now I think it's time to get up and get showered and hit the road.

Thank you, eBay!

If eBay was not such a giant PIA to deal with, my Shelf Of Retired Technical Shit would be empty. But it is, so the shelf is full. And today, I scored big.

Turns out those speakers work great! I took off the one attached to the monitor so the monitor looks cleaner. I was able to tuck the little wireless receiver on the printer cart and the speakers sit nicely and rather tidily on the floor and all the bits are black so they kind of disappear.

Score, score and score. And the price was perfect.

So far 63 is not that easy...

I've been 63 for a half a week and today I'm hoping my gout clears up enough for me to get shoes on to get to my cataract appointment. 60 may be the new 30 but I somehow I think old sneaked in under the door last week.

I'm cracking myself up.

The old/new speakers are working great. I had my brother's shop webcam up and no one was in the shop but, apparently a couple of the dogs weren't far. They started barking and both my cats jumped. The cats were totally used to one of my brother's dogs - Bella, the golden lab - barking when I had the shop on the laptop but now the barks are new and, apparently, a richer louder new. ha!

My miracle pills are not kicking this gout and I'm getting annoyed. It felt better this afternoon but now it's bad again. I should have been icing it all day and I didn't my bad.

Dinner's making.