March 19th, 2012

New week - the calm before

Tomorrow the cabinet maker will deliver the new pieces and the installer will begin installation. Once the pieces are installed, then the wall holes (caused by the electrician) will need to be patched and then the painter comes in and then the electrician comes back to finish. Sheri thinks this will all be finished by Friday. I hope that is so but I am not kidding myself. She can design a room that I love but time management is at the bottom of her skills poll.

So, tomorrow starts upheaval that will end eventually, I hope.

I now have a dining room table and no dining room chairs. The no chairs thing was on purpose. I wanted to see how the table looked and how I might use it before I got chairs. I'm glad I did because I now hate the chairs I would have picked.

I absolutely want chairs. I thought sitting on my various ottoman's would work but the only one comfortably tall enough is the one I have to get rid of because Travis has clawed it to death. So... the chair hunt is on. My current thought is to get a couple of these:

or these:

Both of them come in various colors... also the top one is 17.75" seat height and the second one is 18.5" which is quite a difference. they are about the same price.


Work looks like it's going to be pretty slow this week which is ok since there will be a lot of other stuff going on.


I am done with the whole Mike Daisy thing. I am a little astounded by the breadth of coverage it is getting and that the story is not, apparently, dying any time soon. I think This American Life is probably a little more culpable than they are willing to admit. I think (and have since his first Amazon 'play') should never be taken for a truth teller. He is a good story teller but his stories always have been suspect. He's got a lot of Michael Moore in him and the fist time out of the gate Michael Moore proved to me that he was a truth bender of the highest order.

I enjoy a good documentary but I am not a fan of those in which the documentarian is the 'star' of the show.


I am so looking forward to my swim today. I think I'm going go early. The pool is available at 11 and I think I'll get there then. I miss it on Sundays but that makes Monday's swim even more fun.

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I'm listening to WFAE which is the NPR station serving Charlotte, NC. I think it is actually the first NPR station I ever listened to. I even used to be friends with some of the folks who worked there. I left Charlotte in 1986 and have never been back. The accents sound so familiar but the local references not so much.
I'm glad Bojangles does not 'advertise' on NPR because it would be torture to hear about their chicken's crispy goodness and not be able to go pick up a 3 piece + a biscuit for dinner.