March 13th, 2012

Is it today?

As I suspected, nope... not today. Sheri says she's better but needs another day so tomorrow but she says she's not meeting the electrician until 11:30 so I doubt much will get finished. Condo rules say they can't work past 5 pm so by the time they get here and get started...

Oh well. My expectations are getting lower by the day. I'll be glad when it's done but I'm not holding my breath that it will be soon.

This is the part I just hate about this kind of thing. There just seems to be no way in hell to ever get anything like this done efficiently and in any kind of reasonable time frame. It's a mystery to me why not but at least I'm not surprised. And waiting patiently for months and months yields no better result than demanding deadlines be met and stressing over every minute.

My current hope is that the house gets put back into some kind of order by this weekend.

And speaking of fail...

Yesterday, I bought a new clock radio. Today I bought another one. Tomorrow? Too soon to tell.

All I want is a simple device that shows me the time (although this is not a requirement cause I can use my phone) and comes on at 6 am playing my local NPR station and does not take a rocket scientist to change the time.

I had a nice little Sony that got good radio reception and went off at 6 every morning but... it was a royal bitch and a half to change the time twice a year and last weekend it and a stroke. I can change the time but I can't see what I changed it to or if I can, it's the wrong time and the alarm won't set.

I stopped at Walgreens which had a very slim selection. The one on sale for $9.99 was sold out and the other two they had in stock were more than $50 each even though they looked like they were worth something south of $9.99 and they were ugly and huge.

So, after swim class I drove to Bartell's (a local drug store chain). They had a better selection. I picked up an RCA. It's small and black (which are two very nice to haves) and it was very easy to set up.

But, my walls here are very thick. And next to my bed is a good 25-30 feet from the outside. Radio reception is not given and can vary wildly from one minute to the next. This morning my new RCA was far more static than NPR. So it will be going back to the store.

I ordered a replacement from Amazon. We'll see. This could be a long saga, too.


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Ok, so FINALLY, we have hope for a good Mariner season. Every year, the Mariners do these great and hilarious TV commercials. They have been little works of art every year and then the season sucks donkey balls.
This year, the commercials range from lame to dumb and they aren't even that well done (did we change ad agencies???) so I'm thinking this is a sign... Maybe this year really will be our year!!