March 7th, 2012

Hello my mind, welcome back!

Yesterday was a mess, mind wise. I think my brain just took a mental health day. Happily, it seems to be back on duty today.

Every single day (except Sunday) when I come back from the pool, I bring my towel and suit in and hang them on a rod over the bathtub to dry.

Yesterday I left them wet and in the car. Last night, when I realized it, I was just falling asleep. I was too lazy to go get them even realizing that if I didn't they would never dry in time for today.

This morning I woke up and thought - DOH... you have a clothes dryer... I even did one better, I tossed them in with some dirty clothes and declared this laundry day.


I also finally got a good handle on my medical insurance reimbursement. I still have about $600 that, once it clears the insurance books, I can file for reimbursement from the Health Reimbursement Agreement people. My insurance has a $2,000 deductible but after $500, the Health Reimbursement Agreement pays. This is all great but it means I have to keep track of medical bills, insurance Explanation of Benefits, HRA forms and applications... I kept plugging it all into my spreadsheet but it wasn't making sense until today. Now it does and I have it all labeled so I don't have to rethink it again.

My income tax bill (CPA bill and taxes) is $1,000 this year. But today I got the latest HRA reimbursement and it's $860. So that $1,000 isn't looking so mean now. Whew.


I have a flashlight fetish. I have no idea why but I am totally unable to resist buying flashlights. One reason is that the ones I have are either too difficult to use (hard to hold, too big or too heavy, too small) or provide inadequate light. But, I think I could be moving in on the end...

I recently acquired this one which is very practical and fun to use.

Then, this weekend, I found this one at Grocery Outlet (seems to me I got that snake one there, too... hmmm). It is perfect for the car and I think I'll go back and get one for the bedroom closet.

Then I'm going to gather up all the old ones and put them in the Goodwill bag and declare a moratorium on flashlight buying!


There's a little bit of work today and swimming. My stocks are looking better today and my brain is in gear. That's a check in all the boxes. Nice.

Working me - this day is...

A while back, Scott, the building manager, gave me a form for the living room work. Who's doing it, how long it will take, etc. I totally get the need for this - especially if the work being done might affect neighbors - replacing floors or whatever. One bit on the form is 'permit required - if so, attach copy'.

The electrician needs a permit. He's got it. He'll be here Monday with it. I went to Scott on my way home from the pool today. I stood in his office and said "I have your form all filled out but won't have the permit until Monday, is that ok?" And he said "sure, that's fine." I said great, I'll go get the form and bring it right to you.

I did. And noted on the form that the permit would be here Monday. And sent Sheri a note saying Monday was fine.

An hour later, I get an email from him asking if I would get the permit faxed to him ASAP so he can approve my project. WTF??? What.EV.ER. I'm cool. I'm fine. I get that he's got to make his power plays when he can.


I was on my second laundry load this morning when the dryer quit. Light comes on. Motor on. Drum moves? Well, no. Actually not. Fuck. I called the place where I bought it and they gave me the name of the repair place and I made an appointment for Friday. I don't know what time, yet - I'm sure it will be when I want to go to the pool. At least my doctor's appointment is at 7:30 - I'm sure it won't interfere with that.

Just having he guy come out here is $89. And that's before he fixes anything. I'm pretty sure I can replace the sucker fairly easily for under $500. So it's going to be a close call - repair or replace It's only 5 years old. Fuck.


Now for the good news... Assuming permit :(

The electrician will be here with his helper and Sheri at 10 am on Monday. They think they can get it all done on Monday! Or if not, will come back on Tuesday to finish up. I'm not sure why but I thought it would take much longer - several days - to do this part. So kewel!

Then on Tuesday, again at 10, the cabinet bits will be delivered by the cabinet maker. The carpenter/handy man guy will be here to receive. The carpenter will be doing the install of that, fixing the baseboard that the mirror in the half bath broke and rehanging the mirror. Plus he'll fix any dry wall issues the electrician might have to create.

After that, the painter, Dinah, comes to patch and make it all nice.

On Friday the new table is delivered and set up.

I told Chef Anita that we'll need to skip her next cook day because of all the mayhem here but it looks like the mayhem might just be history by then. That would be so cool. I'm still ok with missing one cook session. It will save me some cash and enable me to do some of my own cooking thus re-visiting and re-understanding why Chef Anita is so critical to my well being!!

Bottom line, it looks like my electrical interruption (and so work interruption) will be minimal. I can get all my Monday work chores done before they get here and use my cellphone as modem for the afternoon. I'll be so glad to get everything a proper plug outlet and get it all plugged in properly. This temporary set up is not that much fun.

I just had to reset the web cam again - second time in two days. At least now I have the setup down pat with no guessing. But I do have to get out the step ladder every time and climb on the kitchen counter to get to it. Falling off the counter while trying to fix the webcam is not the way I want to go out.

Ramble, ramble, grumble, grumble.... ok, I'm done.

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The Bic Pen of clothes dryers...
My 5 year old fairly top of the line dryer quit working this morning... It cost $89 to have someone come out and take a look at it. For that $89 I get a date (Friday) but I can't even get a window of when before possibly tomorrow.
I can replace the sucker for $375 - a discontinued but totally new not top of the line but perfectly functional dryer.
I wonder if it does not make more sense to cancel the repair and just get the new one.
Given that today's dryers have a life span of 5-7 years...

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Ahhh better. Another chat with the appliance people and it turns out that replacing my dryer with a new one will be in the $1,600 range. It's a slippery slope. Only one place to put the two and they must stack and the 5year old set is now obsolete so no dryer will fit on my washer. To replace one means to replace both.
So... now that $89 repair fee is looking like a mighty sweet deal.
And I feel better about it.

Well, why not??

I need to go to Ikea. Before next Monday and the sooner the better. They have a lamp that I think will be perfect but if it isn't it's back to the drawing board and may require an electrician who will be here Monday.

Also they have purple dining room chairs that I want to ass test.

Saturday is too full. So that leaves Sunday. Sunday at Ikea? Am I nuts?

And then I realized that tomorrow morning is the perfect time. Work is pretty much caught up for the week. Next week's stuff may come in but it can wait. I can leave here between 9 and 9:30 and be there when the door's open at 10. It should take me less than an half hour to sit in a chair and find the lamp since I know the names of both and have pictures on my phone. I can be back here by 10:30, 11 at the latest.

And then I realized the bonus of going tomorrow morning. It's Amira's cleaning day. I love not being here while she's cleaning anyway and I'm not ready to deal with her after the desk debacle. So not being here will be great and I'll avoid the Sunday Ikea rush.

Win win win win win