February 29th, 2012

Post swim treat

Especially on days when I work on work work stuff all morning, it is such a treat to come home from swimming to find that nothing blew up, no problems arose, no one even was looking for me while I was gone. Whew.

I got up at 6 this morning and worked solidly til 11:30 when I finally finished and headed for the pool. I generally get up and have coffee and then take my medicine and brush my teeth (the Advair needs a good mouth rinse after you inhale it so I always do it just before I rush my teeth). This morning, however, I let that whole routine slip right by me.

I remember when my Dad quit smoking, he used to joke that the worst part about it was no longer having an instant easy way to remember if he'd brushed his teeth.

Anyway... I did get caught up and had a great great pool session. I worked hard and enjoyed the heck out of it. It's quite chilly and rainy out but the pool area and water were just perfect.

Home now, sandwich had, Travis who's a bit needy today is actually being cuddled as I write this... Now further word from Amira. I'd love to say goodbye to this stuff today but I'm not holding my breath.

More work just came in so I'm on it!

Cluster fuck

First of all they did not show up until 4:20. Amira and her neighbor showed up. Oh, we have to take it apart? Do you have screw driver?

Now they have broken it. And they can't figure out how to get part of it unooupled. They have 20 minutes left to get it all apart, down the elevator and out the door.

They need more tools.

The building manager is going to be pissed cause they are not going to finish by 5. I don't blame him.

Where's my time machine. I need to go back and say that I have sold the desk to someone else.


Now it's 4 minutes til 5. They have the desk downstairs and outside. The hutch is still here and has to be broken down into two pieces before it can even leave.

Scott, the building manager just came up to tell me they scratched and chipped the fancy tile in the lobby. Fuck.

Amira comes back up to say she will come back for the hutch another day and I tell her no. It is too big. She can't do it and I can't risk her trying. She has the desk.

Turns out the tile damage isn't horrible. It's not great either but it's not horrible.

That was not only not fun, it wasn't even successful. At least it is over.


Ok, I've had time to move stuff so it's not so chaotic. It's still dusty and a mess and the hutch is still standing but I am finally able to see what the new living room will look like and I likey!!!

I sent Sheri a note and told her that the Get Rid Of Everything In That Corner was a mostly fail. I gave her the option of dealing with it all OR...

We have two junk hauling places that folks in this building have used and like and both offer dismantle service and it looks like I can get it all out of my life for well under $100.


I just have so little patience for this kind of thing.

But I sure am going to LOVE my new living room. Love it. Really.