February 23rd, 2012

Nothing much

Amira and her daughter just left and the house is sparkly - except the desk and hutch. She says she's going to try and get here tomorrow to pick it up. I said heck, no need to clean it then. "I clean it when I get it home then!" I'd love it if she really does come tomorrow and it is gone. I figured out how to temporarily house the goods using a card table and a TV tray and another small table. It should work for the interim.

But, the main thing would be that I could quit worrying about how I'm going to get rid of it.


I spent about 4 hours yesterday trying to make this new work tool work according to the directions I was given. I failed. This morning I got a note from the project lead that she couldn't do it either. Whew. Not the fault of me but of the directions given. Nice when that happens. Now we wait for corrected instruction and I can quit worrying about it.


My news diet is going ok. I've adopted (and tweaked to my liking) the Google News page. It's not perfect but it's not bad and it's easy.

This morning I heard, on NPR, that the government is going to require all browsers to have a 'don't follow me' button on every browser. Er, no. Not going to happen. It's being discussed but it's not going to happen. John Moe really annoys me. Always has. He used to be local and now he has this extremely annoying tech segment on Morning Edition, usually it's my signal to turn the radio off but I was not fast enough this morning.


I figured out a new scheme for budgeting my day to day monies. Tomorrow is payday and I'm going to give it a go. I'm very lucky that I make more than enough to live on comfortably but I want to keep control of it and make sure I use it wisely.

One current issue is a work retirement account. We had a Simple Plan until this year when it was cancelled. The announcement said we'd be getting a regular 401K plan instead but so far, nada. Meanwhile the money that was going into that plan is now going into my paycheck.

When the 401K does get set up, I'll need to adjust so that I can contribute $22K into it. The farther into the year we go, the more uncomfortable a hit that is going to be. So I'm trying to adjust financially - shore up my savings for when the paycheck will be meager.

The $22K is the max for me and it will translate to a $3,500 tax break so I'm kind of interested in it all happening.


Work is caught up for now and today is a class day at the pool so I'm going to slither into my suit and hit the road.


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Every day when I come home from the pool, I have to work around a half dozen cyclists who wouldn't know a road rule if it slapped them in the face. They ride the streets like they're goal is to get hit by a car.
Today I actually spied one of them behaving courteously. He's a freak - probably visiting from the countryside somewhere.
When I one day hit one of these idiots, it will be an accident but, honestly, deep in my mind, it really won't be.

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how pitiful is it that when i hit a level i can't get past in a stupid time waster game, i just go into the xml and tweak the settings so that i have enough time, or more lives or whatever i need to win.
i am pathetic, but, hey, i am on the next level.
it's so fortunate that i wanted or had any children. i am the worst role model ever made.

dinner dud

Well, tonight I had one of Chef Anita's very very rare duds. It was called Thai Peanut Chicken. But it was not tasty and had a funky texture. Oh well, nothing ventured...

Happily, I have bananas and a banana sandwich is a fine dinner stand in.

No call from Amira. I am not going to even start the last of the desk/hutch empty out project until she tells me for sure (with a time) that she will be here. Color me skeptical.

Whoops. I just heard a beep that something's out of battery life. Now to track down who it is...

You Howell

Amira just called and her friend is off tomorrow to ski at Whistler. So... now she's thinking of renting a truck for pick up of the desk next Wednesday.

Her daughter was in the background while she was trying to explain to me. I got some Bosnian then I heard 'how do you say?' and I heard daughter say 'U-Haul'.

Then Amira says to me. "On Wednesday, I bring You Howell Truck."

Then all I could hear was her daughter laughing in the background.

Just as well, I wasn't all that excited about a mad dash to finish the empty out. Now I may even go ahead and set everything up on the temporary tables... This could be good.

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a couple of decades ago, i went on a blind date with friends to a michael feinstein concert. that date led to a really unsatisfactory relationship that finally ended and badly. to this day, every time i see or hear about michael feinstein, i get this creepy, cootie filled feeling.
he and his partner are on the hgtv sellling new york episode i'm watching and i'm fast forwarding through their bits.