February 21st, 2012

Cleaning out

I hate hate hate the before and during of any home renovation. I hate it so much that it, alone, has stopped me from doing several improvements that I've considered.

This time I was crystal clear with Sheri, the designer, from the beginning and over and over again, I want the upheaval to be as minimal as possible. I do not expect the 30 minutes that it takes on HGTV but I do expect precise planning so that everything is held until everything is ready and with no wait time or wasted time, everything is done completely, all at once. I've told her I'm willing to pay extra to make this happen. I think she's got it. I sure hope so.

But my bit of the 'before' really can't be avoided. Emptying out the desk and the credenza is something I need to do because I need to toss out most of it. I have actually made very excellent progress and today I figured out a temporary storage situation that won't annoy the shit out of me. So I'm really feeling good about it all.

I think I'm going to let Amira (the cleaning lady who is taking the furniture) pick it up a bit early. I have a card table I can use in the interim and having it out of the way would help me to ready the space for the new stuff. I'd hate the temporary ness of it but I've all ready got a lot of that going on so in for a dime, in for a dollar. She comes on Thursday, I'll tell her then. Sheri will be tickled to bits that she won't have to fuck with that bit of it.


I have a lot of electronics in this house. Several more computers than are necessary. Two android phones, and other stuff. My ear easily translates the beeps that tell me I have an appointment (conf call) from the ones that say I have a G+ notification from the ones that tell me I have new work email (which is a different sound than new personal email), etc. The dishwasher beeps 6 times when it is done - fewer times when it has issues. The clothes washer beeps. The dryer beeps. If my farts were beeps I could have a beep band with the cats as backup singers.

But every once in a while I hear a new beep. A different beep. A weird beep that I have no definition for. I have a work computer, my own laptop and the Fire and one of the phones all right here within arms reach. One of them emitted an unfamiliar beep and I cannot figure out which one. Or what it wants. A key indication of too much stuff. But that's that's the way I roll.

I can pair down desk stuff and toss out folders and old shit from file drawers but my beeps make me way too happy to part with any of them. (except the ones I no longer use that linger in the closet all sad and orphaned...)


The pool is back open today. My class is at noon but Tuesdays are when I have to leave class early so I'm going to compensate by leaving now and catching some good pre-class pool time.

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I am not a big fan of Fox news. Politically or any other way. However my new local TV news diet has me check the websites of local TV news stations. The affiliates of NBC, CBS and ABC all look pretty much alike - junky, full of animated ad and make it difficult to even find the local headlines.+Q13 FOX has the cleanest, nicest, easiest, and most informative one of all four of them. Yeah, some of the ads are really awful, but no more than the other stations. And their news content is easy to find and read and they are using nice code which makes moving from page to page quite snappy. Also, I'm enjoying the updates that they are sending down the G+ feed. Credit where credit is due and thanks, Q13.