February 18th, 2012

pool mishap but not of the drowning variety...

First off, class at the pool this morning was great. We had yet another sub instructor and she started off by telling us that she would not be our regular instructor and Maria (the really good one) would not be back. Bummer. Except, this one turned out to be great and in some ways better than Maria. Score. It was a good class.

I popped out of the water after instead of my usual lingering cause I needed to head out to meet machupicchu for brunch and I did NOT want to be late! At this pool there are lockers you can user your own lock with and not have to blow a whole quarter (like at the other pools). So I have this tiny cheapo like that I use. The key is on a giant safety pin that I pin to my swim suit.

Today I went to get the key and the giant safety pin was empty. Fuck. Somehow the key had escaped and was now likely on the bottom of the pool. Who knew? Who cares? I just need to get into that cubby and get my stuff - my keys and phone were in there with my clothes and shoes. And now I was going to be LATE!!!

So I went out to the reception lady and explained the situation and asked if they had something that could cut the lock. She said she would go ask Tim. No clue who Tim was and it seemed she was gone a really long time (it was probably a minute) but soon she came back with giant bolt cutters. I took them and went back to the locker room and asked loudly if anyone needed their nails trimmed. No takers. Oddly.

It took me a bit to get the right angle cause my cheap little lock is so tiny, it was hard to get a clear shot. Just as I finally got it, one of the women said 'is that you key in the shower there??' ???? I put down the massive nail scissors and went to look. Sure enough, my key, which probably fell and someone rescued was resting on the soap dispenser. SAVED!!!

After one more manicure offer, I returned the bolt cutters and got on with my shower and dressing and hit the road. I hauled ass to the restaurant - but stopped outside to get a picture for the report - and got inside the door at 9:46 and machupicchu was there waiting for me. I had told him I'd be there at 9:45 so not so bad after all.

We had a lovely breakfast and then drove to my house, left the car and headed up town to the movie. We saw This is War. It was not the worst movie I've ever seen but the pool of really bad movies I could have saved money by not seeing just got bigger. Had I rented the DVD, I would have popped it out and gone to do something more fun like cleaning the kitchen after the first 10 minutes.

Oh well

Now I am home and I've got no plans and nothing I have to do until Monday morning. Nice.

I am having a not great breathing day. It's not horrible but it's the first day, in a long time, that required two rounds on the rescue inhaler and it's only 3 pm.

Even so, I'm mildly considering going out to eat tonight. I probably won't but I am toying with the idea. Now I'm off to write up brunch in my new brunch blog.