February 15th, 2012

This and That and stuff

The Kindle Fire and I are bonding nicely.

It's interesting to me how/why it has so many detractors. Having spent some quality time with an iPad, a larger android tablet, smaller android phones and a pc with a touch screen, I think I have a good frame of reference.

It cannot make phone calls, it cannot take pictures and so it can't skype or hangout. There are a lot of apps in the app store but most are phone apps and don't behave that nicely on the larger screen. There is no access to the Android Market so a lot of those apps aren't even available.

But... as an ereader, it rocks. For audio books, it's great. I have found enough fun apps to keep me occupied. It just does what it's supposed to do and does it nicely without a lot of fiddling. And stuff (soft buttons, etc) is where it should be and it's snappy. It is well worth the $180 I paid.


london1952 and a couple of other people have, recently, suggested that I add more detail to my brunch reporting. So I think I'm going to give it a go.

http://brunchseattle.blogspot.com/ is open for biz.

The first entry will be Saturday. machupicchu is meeting me at the Wild Mountain Cafe after I finish my swim.


And speaking of swim. After using the leg floats that Montrel (instructor at my pool) pulled out for me from his secret stash, I decided to get my own. They fasten around your ankles and provide a lot of buoyancy. A whole lot. So my legs and torso have to work hard to keep vertical. They are working my balance pretty good, too.

The ones I ordered arrived yesterday. And they will get their inaugural run today. As long as I'm going to be in the pool doing this stuff every day, I might as well get the most out of it that I can!


The pile driving continues but it is not nearly as invasive as it was. I can hear it if I listen, but I've gotten so I really don't. And it no longer jiggles my ass. The site is changing every day. The Tree That I Hate does not yet have buds on it but soon it will and I won't be able to see a thing.