February 12th, 2012

From elsewhere...

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Having a lazy, lazy morning here - still in bed with a snuggly cat and the netbook. I think I'm going back to West Seattle for brunch this morning. But first I think I'll change the sheets on the bed, take a shower and get dressed. In a little bit.


I'm all about grateful today. I'm not sure why but today, more than most, I keep thinking how much I appreciate stuff. If I didn't have my life, it would be the one I wanted. And I not only love that, I am proud of it because I created it. I had help along the way and a great foundation from my parents but, it's the kind of life I wanted when I was young and so I drove toward it and here I am. I'm very lucky. And grateful.

So it's with that attitude that I'm trying to look at tomorrow morning's ultrasound. Honestly, I think it's a waste of time and money and I know I'm going to hate it. If they find something, it's very likely that I will vote against any kind of fix. Cute doctor ordered it to see if he can track down the reason for my muscle cramps. Since they are in my hands and feet and this ultrasound is only for my legs, I'm not hopeful that any cramp relieving is in my future. So, blah - just a waste. And I have to put on one of those hospital gowns for it. Just annoying.

Plus, while I have to walk right by the pharmacy, I can't get my Advair refilled. I have to make a special trip back after Wednesday.

Ok, now I'm going back to grateful.

Brunch was just delicious. Then I stopped by Goodwill and donated all the accumulated stuff. Now I'm home, doing laundry and getting ready to watch CBS Sunday Morning and start a whole new bear.