February 11th, 2012

Saturday for the cause

Swim class was great. Last week there was nearly no one there and I was a little worried that if no one showed up they might cancel after a while. But, today everyone was back. It was packed. The regular teacher was gone but the sub was fabulous. Usually 15 mins or so of every class is done with hand buoys. Like the ones in the picture. Do I need to mention that neither of those people are me?

Anyway today's teacher decided to do that section of the class with noodles instead. Hilarious. These are not the kids pool noodles. They are way more dense and harder to manage. And hilarious. We all decided that our abs got a much better workout than with the hand buoys if only because we laughed so hard.

From there it was over to the mall where Penneys is but Penneys wasn't open yet so I stopped for breakfast at a place I had tried before. This time it was interesting. The menu has a million choices but not one of them is 2 eggs, one piece of french toast, hash browns, bacon and coffee which is what I wanted. But the waitress was willing. I asked her please make sure there was noting on the french toast - no powdered sugar (which they love to do around here and I hate). The wait was long but I had Kindle and the coffee was topped of practically after every sip which was great. The food finally came. 3 eggs, not 2 and powdered sugar all over my french toast.

The waitress was very apologetic - nearly overly so. She offered several times to take the whole thing back and start again, take the french toast back and replace, whatever I wanted. She comped my coffee and did not charge me for the 3rd egg. And otherwise gave me impeccable service. By the time I left, I felt sorry for her and she got a giant tip. I'll go back.

Then on to Penneys. My plan was to get one thing like a pillowcase and make sure the staff knew why I came.

I got a pillow case. And 9 t-shirts (great colors and all on sale - $9 each!) and two pair of pants (also on sale). Didn't I just write this week about how I am not a shopper???

Anyway, two women checked me out and they were fun. I told them that I had never been there before and came today only because the store backed Ellen in the face the Million Moms (which are really less than a half million but what.ev.er). Both of the clerks were clearly thrilled with my reason for being there. One of them said 'we were so proud about what she said about our store'. I thought that was just cool. And I like my new clothes a lot.

I took out a bunch of old t-shirts and bagged them up for Goodwill and put away the new ones.

Last week, neighbor Ann, remarked that my car was screaming for a car wash so I got one of those while I was out, too.

Now I'm home and done. Whew.

Oh Oh... one more VERY critical thing... I was driving down the road on the way to the car wash when I spied a small tent sign that said "Henry's canvases for sale"... I nearly caused a pileup when I made the fast turn in to follow where the sign pointed.

Henry is a fabulous local artist who's art, I thought, was only on buildings and underpasses. Turns out he hangs at a small espresso stand where they exhibit and sell his smaller pieces. They said their inventory was down - and it was - they only had about 4 pieces but they did have a print of one of my favorite Henry's ever... So I snagged it. I'm going to charge Sheri with frame and placement.

And I am going to keep my eye on their inventory. One day, I'm going to have an original Henry. I just need to get the right one.