January 25th, 2012

Check and check

I sent my boss a note last night asking if the new health insurance plan would make it smart for me to hold off or stock up on inhalers and this morning his reply is that it won't make any difference. He says mostly it will remain the same which really means same company which is great because I'll bet the card won't even change and my doctor's office won't freak at all for my Feb 3 appointment. All is cool. Nice.

I sent Sheri a note asking if she was coming today. She'll be heading up the redesign of the office corner of my living room. And the redo of the lighting in here. She said she and the electrician will be here at 9 today. Yeah.


Travis is making me a little nuts this morning. He's a big cat and in order to get into my lap, he has to step all over the computer keyboard. We go through this several times a day. He likes my lap. It's a small price to pay.

At night, when I get into bed, I generally spend an hour listening to my latest book and playing computer games. While I'm doing that, he snuggles under the comforter and takes up residence next to my legs. When it's time to turn out the lights and go to sleep, I borrow on down and he stretches out along side and snuggles in. It's the most wonderful way to go to sleep.

So we trade off, he promises to to be my bed snuggly, if I let him destroy an email or journal entry now and again. It's fair.

Back on track

The electrician that Sheri brought was just cute as he could be. When I get the price quote I may ask her how much if I kept him for me as well.

This room (my living room) is dark as a cave. Unless it is between 7am and 1 pm on a bight, sunny, summer day, it is dark in here. My old eyes just struggle. They do not make lamps bright enough. I have the brightest ones available and it's still dark.

So... Mr. cute electrician is going to stick lights in my ceiling. All over my ceiling. Sunken in and on tracks. YEAH!!!! And he's going to give me more outlets. Everywhere. And fix the ones that don't work any more. Big yeah. I even showed him behind the 'entertainment center' where it is quite crowded with cables from TV/DVD/TiVos/radio/harddrives/modem/switch and something else - oh the cable splitter booster. It's not a rat's nest because no self respecting rat would even consider going back there.

He says he'll fix. Nice. And Scott the building manager came up to discuss and tell them the condo rules for this kind of thing and they were both very cool with being able to comply.

We made more cabinet decisions - the cabinet maker, Sheri says, is chomping at the bit to get started. We're ready now. And she's having a bench made to match my orange chair and ottoman.

She's going to look at a table I found and if it's fine, we'll book it, if not, we'll go with our Plan B table.

So we're pretty much done with decisions and ready for execution. I covered, again, the need to contain the upheaval into one short time frame and she indicated that was her plan. Right now it looks like the cabinet owns the longest runway. It will take six weeks. So the soonest it can all happen would be the middle of March. My birthday is on the 28th. I think this will be a fine, fine present!

I'm very looking forward to it all!!

From elsewhere...

On Google+ (https://plus.google.com/110340962945642622580/posts/96mcLvYEabR), I said:

Cool. Someone in one of my circles posted this link (but not publicly so I couldn't share it).
The link takes you to your own google ad preferences and some interesting info...
Google thinks I'm in the 35-44 age bracket. I'll be 63 in a few short weeks.
Google thinks I'm male. I just looked again and still no penis. hmmmm
As far as the lists of categories, I can totally get to how/why everything on that list is there but it seems a rather shallow list. I guess my searches need some variety!