January 24th, 2012

Still recovering... from the storm

Local TV and radio news says there are still scillions of people who have not had power since last Thursday. I am so thankyoujesus that I am not one of them. On one of the TV news reports last night, they conjured up a story about how all these people without electricity were also - HORRORS - without the internet!!! They interviewed this blonde (no shit) woman who's electricity had just come on and she was soooooooo behind on her Facebook page!!!

I scoff and I snort but, frankly, loss of the internet would be harder or as hard as loss of electricity. As long as there was cell service, I'd be ok for a little while. I have back up batteries for my Sprint phones and even have a couple hundred (a month) free Verizon connectivity via the Google cr-48.

But, mainly, I'm just grateful to have all my services operational. And, knock wood, the new router seems very happy as well.

But, the recycle people have not been here to empty our dumpsters and they are stuffed to the gills and I have a pile o' recycle stuff up here that I need to get rid of before tomorrow morning... it may just take up temporary residence in the garage next to my car.

IF she does not cancel again, Sheri, the designer, and her electrician are supposed to be here at 9 tomorrow. She disappeared for half of December and the first half of January. Not a word, not a peep. Then she set up a meeting for last Wednesday. (Snow.) Now, supposedly, we're meeting tomorrow but I have not gotten a confirmation from her so I can't be sure.

I vowed that if I hired her to help me with this project, I was going to reign my own stressing about her lack of calendar integrity.

She has her own timetable that is driven by ihavenoidea. I do believe that this design work is a teensy bit of her life. I don't think she devotes much time to it at all. And, even though, I am likely her only client, or maybe because of that, me and my project live on the back burner of her life. She, apparently, has plenty of money so there's no motivation there that I can ascertain.

I told her at the beginning that while I would give her sole ownership of when the project would happen here (old out/new in/construction happening), I wanted it to be confined to a week or less. If furniture or something had to be stored elsewhere while we waited for other stuff than ok, but once people started the work here, they had to be completely finished in less than a week and she agreed.

So I need to quit worrying about it. I want it to happen but it's not like anything is hinging on it. Plus the longer she waits, the more of the budget I can pull together making it easier to finance. And, so far, I have spent $0.

It's just so hard for me to be so 'sure, anytime that's good for you is fine for me' when I want to say 'look, if you want the work, make it happen, otherwise, hit the road, jack!'.

If she comes tomorrow, she comes tomorrow. If not, then not.


Today is swim class and conference call and, really, that's about it as far as I can tell. Work is s l o w. And all my other todo's are pretty done. All is cool.